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Australian Touring Ideas: Surfing Destinations

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The Australian coastline has a worldwide reputation as offering some of the best surfing spots on this earth. Competitors from all over the world converge on large competitions held around the country to try and increase their global rankings. Similarly, tourists from all over the world come to frolic in the waves, bask in the sun and maybe try their hand at learning the popular sport. Why not book a cheap camper through us and tour any part of the Australian coastline, enjoying the pristine beaches and surfing the variety of waves that roll into shore?

The bottom of Queensland is home to hundreds of beaches that are popular amongst surfers. Any further past Agnes Waters and the Great Barrier Reef stops waves coming into shore, but thats not to say the beaches are any less spectacular. In fact their calmness makes them ideally suited to swimming. The beaches of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are renowned for their surf. The waves range from gentle swells to larger breakers, so whatever your skill level there will be something to suit it. The breezy beauty of the coast and its green hinterland makes any trip to this region worthwhile, whatever pursuit you seek. Read more information on the beaches of Queensland.

New South Wales is a state that is fiercely proud of its beaches, and surfing to most coastal residents herre is second nature. Byron Bay is a great place to learn, as the sheltered bay offers a consistent and gentle swell. The town itself is laid back and bohemian, with a reputation as a hip and happening tourist resort. Heading south down the coast in your camper, you reach the stunning coastal town of Coffs Harbour. Beaches and surf go hand in hand with the image this town tries to portray, so indulge in a bit of the local culture and get your board wet! When its time to move on make the drive to Sydney, a city whose famous beaches like Bondi are internationally recognised as surfing hotspots. Of course while you are here its compulsory to visit the Opera House and other Sydney landmarks.

Well the waters of Victoria and South Australia may be a bit colder than in the rest of the country, this doesn't deter their surf mad residents from hitting the water, and neither should it you. There are any number of destinations where you can take your camper and enjoy the stunning coast. In Western Australia surfing is practically a religion, and the warm waters and clear skies make the pastime a pleasure. Margaret River in the south is particularly popular because of its regular swell, so book into one of the campsites and hit the water. The white beaches of Perth are also a favourite, and of course you have the beautiful city to explore while you are there!

So if a look at some of the Australian beaches sounds good, why not use the planner below to view campervans that are on offer?

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