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Top 7 Surfing Beaches in Australia

Surfing is as extremely popular pastime in Australia and many campervan hire holidays (especially for young travelers) are planned around locations with great surfing beaches.

For those who don't often get on the board, Australia's surfing beaches are also great for simply relaxing, soaking up some rays, taking a refreshing dip or simply looking on at some of the world's best ride wavers.

Australia's most popular beaches include:

Bells Beach (Victoria)

Known internationally as Australia's best surf beach and home to the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival, Bells Beach is situated along Victoria's Great Ocean Road and offers some of the country's best waves.

With popular breaks like the "Bells Bowl", this beach is rarely a let-down for surfers, offering some of the best swells around.

Jan Juc (Victoria)

Resting between Rocky Point and Bird Rock, Jan Juc Beach's position along the Great Ocean Road places it near the top of the list of Australia's most desirable surf beaches.

Its high levels of exposure make for swells and breaks that most surfers could only dream of.

Fairheaven (Victoria)

This is another of the Great Ocean Road's major surf beaches and spans for a massive 6 kilometres. Perfect for both surfing and swimming, this beach is a popular spot for families and offers some of the best breaks along this famous piece of coastline.

Lennox Head, Ballina (New South Wales)

This relatively unprotected beach is great for those who are searching for rough surf and water with a warm temperature. During good conditions the waves can exceed 4 metres in height, making for an ideal setting for any keen surfer.

Kirra Beach (Queensland)

Kirra Beach is delightfully positioned near Coolangatta, enjoying remarkable views of the Gold Coast coastline, pristine waters and whiter than white sand. Boasting "one of the best fast barrels you will ever surf", Kirra Point is a popular hot spot for tourists, surfers and families all round.

Margaret River (Western Australia)

The Main Break at Margaret River is a great spot for surfers, offering consistent swells due to the thousands of kilometres of uninterrupted seas between Australia and Africa.

The turquoise waters and clean sand also have something to do with its popularity, creating the perfect setting for any coastal holiday in Western Australia.

Snapper Rock Beach (Queensland)

Playing host to the Billabong Pro and Roxy Pro Surfing Legs of the world tour, Snapper Rocks is a hot spot for surfers all year round.

Also a popular destination for fishing, this beach is a fantastic place to spend a day or two absorbing a natural beauty that is simply unsurpassed.

New Zealand is also well known for its fantastic beaches. A campervan holiday is a great option to explore these so look into campervan hire Auckland today.

Christine Barton

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