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Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to help answer your questions immediately as email replies may take up to 24hrs or longer over weekends.



About the Campervans

Can you take any Campervan off road?

No, only the 4WD Campervans can be taken off sealed roads.

Are the campervans new?

The Maui  are on average under 2 years. Britz can vary but average under 5 years old. Mighty Campers are under 7 years old. Jucy Rentals are new as of 2010. Camperman Australia have models from 2005-2011. All of the Campervans undergo very strict and scheduled maintenance each time they are returned.

How do I choose the right campervan for me?

Campervans are categorised in berths or in simple terms how many people they can sleep comfortably. All of the campervans details and features can be viewed on our website by clicking on either the 2 Berth,3 Berth,4 Berth,6 Berth or 4WD Campervans icons on the left hand menu bar.

Do any of the campervans have a TV and DVD player?

Selected Maui, Britz, Cruisin and LetsGo vehicles have LCD screens and dvd players A select amount of Jucy vehicles have a DVD player built in.  No vehicle in the other fleets has either of these items. 

Do you have images of vehicles?

Yes, just click on the below links to view full specifications and images:



About Insurance

Do the campervans come with comprehensive insurance?

Yes. They have comprehensive insurance as a standard inclusion in the daily rate, however most vehicles generally come with a standard excess of $7,500. A Bond and Excess are Applicable

Can I reduce the excess?

Yes. You can definitely reduce the excess you are liable for, there are a few choices on our Insurance page and if you choose the Stress Free Package it comes as standard in this.

About Inclusions

What is included in the hire?

For inclusion details just click here and you can view what is included in the hire.

About the Packages

What is the "Stress Free Package"?

The campervan companies have a package for those who prefer to have it all done before you arrive, the inclusions change every year and from company to company but generally this package includes excess reduction, stamp duty, extra driver, GPS etc.

To view the current inclusions simply click on the link under the price on your personalised quote.

General Questions

How do I obtain a quote?

You can obtain a quote by clicking here and following the few simple steps. You can also obtain a quote by viewing the campervan options on the left hand menu bar.

How do I convert my quote to a booking?

You can convert your quote by clicking on the "Book Now" button on your quote. Complete the booking form and we will confirm your booking request within 24 hours.

Should the campervan you have requested not be available, we will contact you with an alternative prior to charging your card.

How much does it cost for a relocation deal?

You may have seen campervan relocation deals advertised for as little as $1-$5 a day. Visit our Relocations page.

Are there free airport transfers in Australia?

No, there are no shuttle services or free transfers in Australia, you need to take a taxi from the airport to the branch. 

Can I go one way?

Yes, between all branches one-way rentals are permitted but a minimum number of days apply. Each company has different minimum day requirements.

Can multiple bookings be combined for a lower rates?

Yes, If you have multiple bookings these can be combined to give you a long term hire discount on both rentals. To do this you will have to email us as the system will not know about your other rentals.

Can I make secure internet payments? What are my other payment options?

Yes, this is a secure site. When submitting your booking request you enter your credit card details. For alternative payment options please email us directly and we can outline the best option for your situation.

Do you have information on the following?

Yes, this information and more can be found under the relevant Terms and Conditions page.


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