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Client Testimonials

Britz Discovery - Nigel on 28/06/2020

Simple easy processes, well receveived,

Britz Venturer - Christopher on 20/06/2020

Discovery Campers were great and so was the van depot. There was a mix up about our insurance when we went to pick up the van but it was fixed up and the depot gave us a free gas bottle fill up for our trouble.... so no problems !

Lets Go Voyager Deluxe - Michelle on 13/06/2020

No problems at all

Britz Action Pod - Ang on 07/05/2020

Fast and no problem

Lets Go Escape - Peta paterson on 13/04/2020

When we booked we assumed that the vehicle would be available on the day that we booked. However, in my emails prior we were informed that it was only open up to 2pm which was ok as our flight did allow for us to make this.

Go Cheap Derwent - Kelly on 11/04/2020

Easy pick-up. Courteous and friendly staff who provided a complete overview before we were on our way. Unfortunately, our rental was impacted by covid-19 and we had to return to Canada which meant returning our rental 8 days earlier than planned(and paid for). Staff were very accommodating and made our early return seamless, so we were able to hightail it to the airport.

Go Cheap Picton - Seranie on 11/04/2020

Reservation process was excellent. Very patient with my number of enquires and date changes due to lack availability of my original choice.

Go Cheap Tamar - Helen Rhodes on 11/04/2020

All good pretty straight forward. Staff pleasant

Lets Go HiTop - Michael. on 04/04/2020

The staff at the depot in Perth were excellent (especially Leah, the check in/check out person at the front desk). I would rent from this company again.

Mighty Deuce - Janie on 04/04/2020

The staff at the Cairns office were very helpful, telling us a good campsite to use in town, where to get groceries. We bought extra coverage for fuel, thought it included waste (toilet emptying)

Mighty Big Six - Tracey on 04/04/2020

Was great . It was very busy in the office when we arrived The office staff were fantastic

Go Cheap Hitop - Kathryn on 30/03/2020

this process was smooth and professional.

Lets Go Voyager Deluxe - John on 29/03/2020

Reservation and pickup was easy and efficient.

Lets Go Voyager Deluxe - John on 29/03/2020

Reservation and pickup was easy and efficient.

Britz Frontier - Peter on 28/03/2020

Very efficient. Vehicle ready and waiting. Friendly and helpful.

Go Cheap Hitop - Lance Whitford on 28/03/2020

Easy and efficient!

Mighty Deuce - Barry on 28/03/2020

Reservation, pickup and handover were fast, fair and very pleasant.

AutoRent Hertz 2-4 Berth Motorhome - Brett on 24/03/2020

reservation was done on line well in advance and very easy.

Cruisin Deluxe - Jude on 23/03/2020

easy and simple overall good

AutoRent Hertz 2-4 Berth Motorhome - Linda on 21/03/2020

Reservations were difficult as hiring is popular, however once I spoke to a person from discovery, she helped enormously

AutoRent Hertz 2-4 Berth Motorhome - Tony on 14/03/2020

Efficient and lots of useful tips.

Cruisin Sandpiper - Garry on 14/03/2020

Booking in was long, however the staff at Hobart were great especially the young lady at the counter. I had hired a similar van before, however the guys explained the functionality of the different areas quite well. I am planning another trip to Tasmania in April and am looking at the 6 birth Deluxe as recommended by the young lady at Hobart.

Maui Beach Elite - Mark on 14/03/2020

Quick and efficient but friendly service on pick up and return.

AutoRent Hertz 2 Berth - Peter on 11/03/2020

Very easy reservation process, pick up and drop off

Britz Action Pod - Earl on 09/03/2020

No problem with reservation and the return of the camper van

Autorent Hertz Premium Motorhome - Debra on 09/03/2020

My reservation was handled with effient, friendly, helpful service.

Cruisin Sandpiper - Peter on 08/03/2020

No problem.
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