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Longreach - The Heart Of Queensland

The Stunning Scenery of Longreach
The Stunning Scenery of Longreach
If you love the sunburnt country that Dorothy McKella described so poetically, you should go no further than Longreach, home of the famous Stockman's Hall of Fame. It is the largest town in Central Queensland and the centre of an extensive wool and beef industry.

Located over 700km inland from Rockhampton, you are destined to experience wide sweeping plains and long, dry roads that beckon you on and on to explore more of this fascinating part of our country.

With the town lying directly on the Tropic of Capricorn, winters are generally warm and sunny with an average of 23 degrees, and nights are cold. Summers are hot (average of 36 degrees) during the day and warm at night. There is a higher rainfall during the summer months with thunderstorms usually at the end of summer.

Once you have arrived, you will be greeted by friendly locals who are always ready to make you feel at home. There are two fantastic caravan parks available for you and your campervan hire Queensland. Longreach Caravan Park is the most central and a great base for your campervan holiday, with Gunnadoo Caravan Park offering an alternative further out of town.

Most of the streets in Longreach are named after birds, which add to the uniqueness of the town. Once you are settled it would be worthwhile taking a walk down the main streets as this town is depictive of everything Australian. The people, housing, shops and streets are worth a closer look to fully appreciate this historical outback town.

The main attraction is the Stockman's Hall of Fame, which has helped to put Longreach on the world map. With over 12 million spent on the exhibits and structures, you will need at least three hours to fully appreciate this investment in Australian history. Some features are the Australian History Time Line which include the first fleet, early settlement in Sydney, major explorations, pioneers and a true to life depiction of what life was like in the bush and rural Australia throughout the years.

The Qantas Founders Outback Museum is located opposite the Hall of Fame and is an interesting look at the history of Qantas in Longreach. The town has a unique aviation history as it was one of the founding centres for Qantas in the early 1920's, so there is a wealth of historical records and photos that capture the heart of the town. You also can't miss the Powerhouse Museum. With a small entrance fee, you will be fascinated by the exhibits showing.

A worthwhile drive out of Longreach is to the Starlight's Lookout which is located 64km from the town. Being one of the few elevated positions around you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Longreach and the surrounding Mitchell grass plains. As most terrain is flat this is a unique part of the countryside easily accessible by your campervan hire.

There are so many things to do in Longreach apart from the historical attractions and natural beauty of the town. You can visit one of many sheep stations located within an hour from the town. Nothing beats the views of the milky way without the haze of the city smog, and the spectacular country sunsets. Sitting around a campfire, with the smell of billy tea and damper, or a hearty breakfast being cooked over the coals, will keep you coming back again and again. The Thomson River gave Longreach its name, due to the Long Reach of the river. Take an afternoon to find a spot to picnic and try your hand at fishing. You are bound to catch a yellowbelly which are great tucker and common to this area. Take a Billabong boat cruise which will be the perfect way to enjoy the sunset and enjoy the tranquility of the river at dusk.

Longreach is one of those destinations that change the way you view life. The attractions are not just the historical Hall of Fame and its natural beauty, but the people and their love of the land. They have captured the heart and soul of the Australian outback, and you will too.

Jenny Brewer

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