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Lets Go Motorhomes Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Campervan & Motorhome Rental (Australia)
Valid from 1st April 2022

This document contains a summary of some of the Rental Conditions. For full detailed Conditions refer to the Rental Agreement on pick-up.

Branch Trading Hours

(allow 1 hour for collection)

Location Dates Hours
Year Round Mon-Fri
8:30am - 3:00pm

By appointment only
Darwin On Request Basis Only (closed 1st December to 31st January)

Branches Closed:

  • New Year’s Day - 1 January
  • Australia Day – 26 January
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • ANZAC DAY – 25 April
  • Christmas Day – 25 December
  • Boxing Day – 26 December

*Public Holidays attract a $100 pick up or drop off fee payable at the branch if not prepaid on your voucher.

Insurance / Excess Reduction Options (LRO)

You have a choice of Standard Excess (Bronze), Liability Reduction 1(Silver) or Stress Free Package (Platinum). Excess Reduction is additional to all prices quoted.

  Hitop Campervans            All other Motorhomes Bond/Excess  Extra Inclusions
Standard (Bronze) Included in Rental Included in Rental $5,000 n/a
Liability 1 (Silver) $26/day (max $1,300) $30/day (max $1,500) $2,000 GPS
Stress Free Pack (Platinum) $45/day (max $2,250) $58/day (max $2,900) $250 GPS, Gas Refill,Max of 1 windscreen & 2 tyres,Bike Rack, (by request only) Toll Pass, Overhead Damage and Underbody Damage Single Vehicle Rollover, child seats

IMPORTANT NOTE: No Liability water damage. All drivers must be between the ages of 21 and 80 years, and must hold a full driver’s licence. 

Security Bond:

A security bond is required which is equivalent to the damage liability and must be lodged on the day of departure by Visa or MasterCard only (no cash or cheque). The security bond is refundable providing the campervan/Motorhome is returned on time, to the agreed location, with fuel and gas full, in a clean condition, with no damage or items missing and in accordance with your Rental Agreement.

Basic Option: $6,000 (payable by credit card)
CDW Option: $2,000 payable by credit card)
Stress Free Option $250

What is not covered by Insurance:

The following events are not covered by Basic, CDW or Stress Free Option (MPP) Protection Options and are the hirer’s responsibility at all times:

  • Damage caused where the terms of the Rental Agreement have been breached.
  • Broken, cracked or chipped windscreen (except for Stress Free Option (MPP) Insurance)
  • Damage to tyres (except for Stress Free Option (MPP) Insurance)
    Damage caused by intentional, neglectful or wilful acts.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water.
  • Damage to the vehicles interior.
    Damage to the overhead or underbody of the vehicle including the air-conditioning unit and awning. Overhead damage is any damage to the vehicle above the top of the windscreen line.
  • Damage and third party damage caused by or arising out of the vehicle’s use on an unsealed surface or restricted roads.
  • Damage caused whilst driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Damage caused while in breach of traffic legislation.
  • Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
  • Damage caused and any recovery costs if the vehicle becomes bogged or stranded caused by driver error.
  • Damage caused by any person not listed as a driver on the Rental Agreement.
  • Damage to awnings or windows

Lets Go Motorhomes reserves the right to restrict vehicle movements and the availability of CDW and Stress Free Option (MPP) options in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions. The damage liability fee applies to each incident, not per rental.

Damage Liability / Accident Notes:

The Liability Reduction Options cover one Accident only and in the event of an Accident an additional Liability Deposit and/or additional Liability Reduction fee will be collected for the remainder of the Rental Period.

If the Vehicle is involved in an Accident and the Vehicle is unable to be driven or it is stolen and We decide to provide You with a replacement Vehicle, You will be required to pay an additional Liability Reduction fee and lodge a separate Liability Deposit.

Grocery Delivery Service

Lets Go make sure your holiday gets off to a great start, In partnership with Coles online you can order your groceries online and they will be delivered to the depot and packed into your vehicle so you can hit the road and start enjoying your holiday sooner.

Bike & Bike Rack Hire

When you reach the end of the road and want to explore further Lets Go also have a  bike hire service. They’re a great way to get around when you reach your destination and they’re perfect for keeping the kids busy and active.

You can hire up to two bikes with your motorhome.

Bike rack and helmets are also available

One Way Rentals

One Way Fee applies to all One Way Rentals. Prices vary with location.


All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.


GST is included in our rates

Rental Payments

All rental charges and security bonds must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the rental. All payments to Lets Go Motorhomes must be made in Australian Dollars only. Payment can only be made by  Visa, MasterCard or EFTPOS Cash is not accepted.. 

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, foreign currency transaction fees and international bank fees, there could be some variance between the amount initially debited against your credit card or debit card and the amount refunded. Let’s Go Motorhomes accept no liability for any such variation or any interest charges incurred on such amounts.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card has sufficient funds and/or daily transaction limit.

No vehicle will be released under any circumstances until the rental payment and Security Bond is paid in full.

Credit Card Surcharge -Discovery Rentals

Credit card fees are payable when using Visa, Mastercard or AMEX as these are subject to change Find out the current rates for your card here

Minimum Duration and Kilometres

Minimum rental duration is 7 days. Shorter duration's may be available upon application.

Minimum rental duration may increase seasonally at Lets Go Motorhomes discretion.

Rentals are based on unlimited kilometres.

How Rental Days are Calculated

All rentals are calculated per calendar day. When calculating the number of days a vehicle is rented, the day of pick up is counted as day one of the rental, regardless of pick up time. The day of the vehicles return is counted as the final day of the rental. When a rental moves from one rate season to the next, the calculation is based on both rates.

Cancellation & Amendments

You must put any request to Cancel or Amend in writing or we cannot action. The date of the email will determine the following Cancellation fees:

  • If cancelled up to 60 days prior to pick up = Loss of deposit paid
  • If cancelled from 59 to 35 days prior to pick-up = $100 plus loss of deposit paid
  • If cancelled 34 to 14 days prior to pick-up = 20% of the rental cost plus $350
  • If cancelled 13 to 1 days prior to pick-up = 70% of the rental cost or $600 (whichever is greater)
  • If cancelled within 24 hours of pickup or No-Show = 100% (Including any applicable One Way fees)
  • If vehicle is returned early there is no refund available for the unused days and a No Show is considered as 100% Cancellation.

Note: an amendment of the booking dates or vehicle type after a booking has been confirmed may be treated as a cancellation and the appropriate fees will apply.

Amendments are charged at a rate of $100 per change. This applies but is not limited to changing the client name, vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pickup dates or locations. No refund given on the initial deposit paid.

If an amendment is made to the rental whereby the length of hire is shortened, no refund will be given on the initial deposit amount. In addition, if an amendment is made inside 14 days of pick up, the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked. A relocation fee may also apply if the collection or return location is amended.

Where the hire is being extended, the amendment fee will not apply.

Please note that amendments may result in the daily rental rate to be recalculated at the rate applicable on the date of the amendment for the entire rental period.  Any amendment resulting in pickup or dropoff on a Sunday will incur a $100 surcharge.

If a bookings travel dates are amended within the cancellation fee period to be outside of the cancellation fee period and is subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.

Late pick-up or early return of the vehicle does not entitle the customer yo any refund of the unused days of the rental


You must return the Vehicle to Us to the place and on the date and between the times shown on the Rental Agreement unless You have otherwise informed Us of a change prior to the return date and We have agreed to the change in writing. The Vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was at the commencement of the Rental Period (fair wear and tear excepted).

If You fail to return the Vehicle, We may terminate the Rental Contract and if the location of the Vehicle is known, recover it by lawful means or if it is unknown, after making reasonable attempts to contact You, report the Vehicle as stolen to the Police and You must compensate Us for either the full cost of the Vehicle, or all additional costs and losses incurred up to the time that the Vehicle is recovered by Us.

Early returns There are no refunds for Vehicles returned earlier than the agreed term on the Rental Agreement.

Late returns You must, at or before the expiry of the Rental Period, deliver the Vehicle to the agreed rental location, or obtain Our consent to the continuation of the hire. A Late Return fee of AUD $75.00 per day in addition to the daily rental charges and liability reduction fee (if applicable), will be charged to Your credit card if You fail to return the Vehicle on the date and by the time shown on the Rental Agreement, or an alternative return date and time as agreed with Us

Rental Extension

Extensions of the rental after the rental period has commenced are only permitted if We have authorised that extension. We will accommodate such requests subject to Vehicle availability but We cannot guarantee that any such authorisation will be granted.

If authorisation is granted, You must pay for the extended number of rental days by credit or debit card at the time of request and confirmation of the rental extension.

If You fail to obtain Our authorisation for a rental extension, an additional AUD $75.00 per day in addition to the daily rental charges and liability reduction fees (if applicable) will be charged to Your credit card.

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee will be charged if the Vehicle is not returned in the same condition it was hired (fair wear and tear excepted). This includes any additional cleaning and deodorising that is associated with smoking, as smoking is not permitted in the Vehicle at any time. If You breach this condition cleaning charges up to AUD $500.00 will be charged to your credit card at the Branch Manager’s discretion. The Vehicle must be returned with the toilet and grey water emptied or an additional charge of up to AUD $500.00 will apply There are no refunds for vehicles returned earlier than the agreed term on the Rental Agreement.

Change of Vehicle

Lets Go Motorhomes reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no extra cost in extreme circumstances. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the renter to any refund whatsoever.

Voluntary Downgrade

If the hirer decides to take a lesser vehicle than booked within 14 days of pick up or during the rental then they will not be entitled to any refund.

Licence Minimum | Maximum Age

A valid current full Driving Licence, Australia, Country of Origin, or International Licence is acceptable. The minimum age is 21 years. The maximum age is 80 years. Drivers over 75 years may be permitted subject to clearance from the owner’s insurer.

Who can drive the Vehicle

Only You or an Authorised Driver can drive the Vehicle. It is a Major Breach of the Rental Contract if You let anyone who is unauthorised drive the Vehicle. If there is a Major Breach of the Rental Contract there is no cover for You, the Authorised Driver or the unauthorised driver for any Damage, theft of the Vehicle or Third Party Loss.

We set a minimum age limit for those renting Our Vehicles. You and any Authorised Driver must be at least 21 and not over 80 years of age and have no less than 12 months driving experience, unless We have agreed to a variation of that restriction before the Start of the Rental and it is shown in the Rental Agreement.

You and any Authorised Driver must also have a valid licence to drive the class of Vehicle which is issued in an Australian state or territory or an international licence (with a valid International Driving Permit if Your licence is not issued in English) appropriate for the class of the Vehicle and not subject to any restriction or condition. Learner drivers and provisional and probationary licence holders are not acceptable and must not drive the Vehicle.

The Vehicle must not be driven if Your licence or the licence of any Authorised Driver has been cancelled within 2 years of the date of the Rental Agreement.

You and all Authorised Drivers must be present at pick up with your valid Driver’s Licence.

There is no charge applicable to add an additional driver to the Rental Agreement. A maximum of two (2) Authorised Drivers are permitted per vehicle hire, except with the hire of a 6 Berth Motorhome whereby up to three (3) Authorised Drivers are permitted.

Road Restrictions | Destination Restrictions

Vehicles may be driven in all states; however, restrictions apply depending on road types and standards. All vehicles can only be driven on recognised (roads shown on maps) sealed roads.

Vehicles must never be driven on: (a) an Unsealed Road (The only exception to this is reasonable use of access roads limited to a maximum of twelve kilometres in length to recognised commercial campgrounds and major tourist attractions); (b) Off Road; or (c) above the snow line between 1 May and 31 October

Campervans and motorhomes are restricted to bitumen roads only.

All insurance and refundable money is waived if the above restrictions are breached. Any damage and/or recovery costs are the customers responsibility.


If the Vehicle requires any repairs or tyre replacement You must contact Us immediately and seek authorisation prior to any repair work proceeding. You must not arrange or undertake any repairs without Our authority except to the extent that repairs are necessary to prevent further damage to the Vehicle or to other property.

We may reimburse You for expenses reasonably incurred in rectifying any authorised problems on presentation of the original tax invoice and receipts.

We will not accept responsibility for any out of pocket expenses in the case of a breakdown or time lost for repairs.

Break Down Service

We will provide You with a Vehicle that is of acceptable quality and in good working condition but breakdowns do occur.

A national 24 hour 7 days per week, emergency roadside assistance service is included for all inherent mechanical faults related to the Vehicle.

If a Vehicle requires repair or replacement, the decision to supply another Vehicle to You is at Our sole discretion.

Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, We are not responsible for:

(a) flights You have missed;

(b) holiday plans that are disrupted;

(c) loss of enjoyment; or

(d)consequential or economic loss. We strongly recommend that You take out personal Travel Insurance for extra cover and peace of mind.

Traffic Infringements | Toll Way Infringements

Lets Go Motorhomes reserve the right to charge the renter for any speeding, toll way or parking fines that is incurred whilst the vehicle is under their hire. The hirer must advise Lets Go  Motorhomes upon return of the vehicle if they are aware of any pending fines.

Lets Go Motorhomes offers hirers an Australia wide toll pass for $49.00 which covers unlimited toll usage for the duration of your rental.

A $65.00 administration cost for processing each speeding and parking fine will apply.

A $30.00 administration cost for processing each toll way fine will apply, plus the cost of the toll.

Pets | Animals

Pets are not permitted in the Vehicles, with the exception of assistance animals. You must notify Us before pick-up if You have an assistance animal. If You breach this condition additional cleaning charges of up to AUD $500.00 will be charged to Your credit card at the Branch Manager’s discretion and You will be liable for any associated damages to the vehicle as well as further cost associated with removing any lingering smells.


Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles. Penalties apply.

Additional Note

Lets Go Motorhomes reserves the right to refuse any rental at its discretion. For full terms and conditions or rental see the Rental Agreement (available upon request).


Rental rates, insurance rates and terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Vehicles and illustrations shown may be different to the actual vehicle offered due to modifications and/or upgrades.

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