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Leisure Rent Terms & Conditions

Conditions for Campervan & Motorhome Rental (Australia)
Valid Until further notice

Branch Locations

AutoRent Branches are located at Hobart Airport and  Launceston Airport 

Branch Opening Hours

(allow 1 hour for collection)

Location Dates Hours
Hobart Airport
Launceston Airport
Monday to Sunday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Minimum Rental Period

The minimum hire for all rentals is 5 calendar days. 

8 day minimum rental period applies for pick-up 23 December each year until 10 January each year

One Way Rentals

One Way Rentals are permitted between depot locations. There is a fee of $175

Hire Inclusions

The rates include the following:

  • Unlimited Kilometres 
  • Vehicle Insurance - Standard Liability
  • Third Party Property Cover
  • Third Party Injury Liability Cover
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax)

Standard Liability for Damage

All Leisure Rent Campers vehicles come with comprehensive insurance cover. A standard liability of AU$5,000 for Campervans and AU $7,500 for Motorhomes applies in the event of any damage to either our vehicle or Third Party Property. Liability applies to all rentals as specified in the Rental Agreement. This means that regardless of fault, all damage up to the limit of the liability amount is the renters responsibility. This includes any tyre, windscreen or headlight damage and any other internal or external damage not attributable to fair wear and tear, such as returning the vehicle in an abnormally dirty condition (including hair, odour and other evidence of animals).

There is a higher liability on unsealed roads and for overhead damage

None of the following excess reduction options cover overhead damage (A horizontal line from the top of the front or rear windscreen to the top of the roof of the vehicle), under body damage, damage caused to the vehicle on an un-sealed road (maximum liability is $9,000), or water damage.

The liability amount applies to each individual accident or incident

Liability Reduction Options (LRO)

Leisure Rent offer the following Liability Reduction Options:

Liability Reduction Option 1

The renter has the option of paying an extra AU$30-$35 per day, at the start of the rental, to reduce the vehicle loss/damage liability from $5,000 -$7,500 to $2,500.

Liability Reduction Option 2

Alternatively, the renter will have the option of paying AU$45-$50 per day, capped at 14 days at the start of the rental, to reduce the vehicle loss/damage liability from $5,000- $7,500 to $0 includes tyre & windscreen damage cover.

Stress Free Package

$55- $60 per day capped at 14 days  Includes Liability Reduction Option 2, tyre & windscreen damage cover plus the following items as requested,  Linen/Bedding, Outdoor Table & Chairs, GPS, Extra Driver Fee, Child Restraint (if required), Baby Stroller (if required)

Security Deposit or Bond

At the start of the rental a bond will be obtained on the renters credit card equivalent to the estimated cost of the rental (including any liability reduction options accepted). The renter will need to make sure there are sufficient funds in their account to allow this.

Credit Card Surcharge

There is a surcharge when paying with a Diners Club or Amex card, Mastercard or Visa Card.

Credit Card Surcharge -Discovery Rentals

Credit card fees are payable when using Visa, Mastercard or AMEX as these are subject to change Find out the current rates for your card here

Fines & Infringements

You and any Authorised Driver must pay all tolls, speeding and traffic fines and infringements as well as any fines or charges imposed for parking or using the Vehicle or release of the Vehicle if it has been seized by a regulatory authority.  An administration fee may apply in addition to any official fines.

Extras Available for Hire

Extras are to be prebooked and are payable at pick up.

  • Extra Drivers Fees - AU$5 per day for each additional driver
  • Linen hire $75 for 1 couple and $38 for each additional person
  • Outdoor table & chairs $35 per rental
  • Baby / Booster Seats - AU$15 per day (maximum AU$60 per rental)
  • Tyre & Windscreen cover $90 for the duration of hire
  • GPS hire $10 per day (maximum $60)

Age Restrictions

Leisure Rent set a minimum and maximum age limits for those renting Our Vehicles.  You and any Authorised Driver must be at least 23 and not over 80 years of age and have no less than 12 months driving experience, unless We have agreed to a variation of those restrictions before the Start of the Rental and it is shown in the Rental Agreement.

Drivers Licence Requirements

Any Authorised Driver must have a valid licence to drive the class of Vehicle which is issued in an Australian state or territory or an international licence (with a translation into English if it is not issued in English) appropriate for the class of the Vehicle and not subject to any restriction or condition and have no less than 12 months driving experience, unless We have agreed to a variation of those restrictions before the Start of the Rental and it is shown in the Rental Agreement..  Learner drivers and provisional and probationary licence holders are not acceptable and must not drive the Vehicle. The Vehicle must not be driven if Your licence or the licence of any Authorised Driver has been cancelled or suspended within 2 years of the date of the Rental Agreement.

Cancellation & Amendments

In the case of cancelling your reservation,

  • 31+ days from pickup - Loss of Deposit or 20% (whichever is greater)
  • 15 - 30  days from pick up - The deposit is Non Refundable. In addition there is a $300 cancellation fee.
  • 14 days - day of pick up or no show - 100% of rental costs

Amendments are charged at a rate of AU$50 per change. This applies but is not limited to changing the client name, vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pickup dates or locations. No refund will be given on the initial deposit paid.

If an amendment is made to the rental whereby the length of hire is shortened, no refund will be given on the initial deposit amount nor can it be transferred to the balance payable on pick up. In addition, if an amendment is made inside 14 days of pick up, the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked. A relocation fee may also apply if the collection or return location is amended.

If the amendment results in changing vehicle brands your deposit is non transferable.

Where the hire is being extended, the amendment fee will not apply.

Please note that amendments may result in the daily rental rate to be recalculated at the rate applicable on the date of the amendment for the entire rental period.

Road Restrictions

The Vehicle must only be driven on a Sealed Road or an unsealed road that is formed and constructed and maintained by a commonwealth, state or local government authority and is in good condition, but it must never be driven:

Off Road; or in any area where snow has fallen or it is likely or forecast to fall.

The Vehicle must not be used in any area that is prohibited by Leisure Rent.  Prohibited areas include: roads that are prone to flooding or are flooded; beaches, streams, rivers, creeks, dams and floodwaters; any road where the police or an authority has issued a warning; any road that is closed; and any road where it would be unsafe to drive the Vehicle.

The Vehicle must never be driven or used: onto any island that is off Tasmania, with the exception of Bruny Island; or onto mainland Australia, unless We have given Our prior written permission prior to the Start of the Rental and it is noted on the Rental Agreement.

Prohibited Use

The Vehicle must not be driven by You or any Authorised Driver:

If You or any Authorised Driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol or has a blood alcohol content or any urine or oral fluid sample that exceeds the limit set by law; recklessly or dangerously; or whilst the Vehicle is damaged or unsafe.

You and any Authorised Driver must not: fail or refuse to undergo any breath, blood, urine or oral fluid test or drug impairment assessment; or use the Vehicle: for any illegal purpose;

To move dangerous, hazardous, inflammable goods or substances that pollute or contaminate, in quantities above that used for domestic purposes; in connection with the motor trade for experiments, tests, trials or demonstration purposes; or in an unsafe or un-roadworthy condition.

You and any Authorised Driver must not: damage the Vehicle deliberately or recklessly or allow anyone else to do so; modify the Vehicle in any way; sell, rent, lease or dispose of the Vehicle; or register or claim to be entitled to register any interest in the Vehicle under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

You and any Authorised Driver must not use the Vehicle: to carry passengers for hire, fare or reward or for rideshare purposes; or to carry more than the number of passengers for which the Vehicle is licensed.

You and any Authorised Driver must not: use the Vehicle to transport any pets or animals except assistance animals; or smoke in the Vehicle and You must prevent any passenger from doing so.

Additional cleaning and deodorising costs must be paid if there is a breach of this clause.

International Campervan Rental: