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Trekking In Tasmania

Beautiful Tassy Scenery
Beautiful Tassy Scenery
Tasmania is one of the best states to visit if you are looking for beautiful walking trails. Using a campervan as your base, you are within a day's drive of all the walks and trails in Tasmania. Most of the walks are found in the large expanses of national park found throughout the state. From the world renowned Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire Park to the Freycinet National Park on the coast, you will be captivated by the scenery and challenge each walk brings. And not all the walks are confined to parks and reserves, as most Tasmanian towns and cities have walking trails as well, to explore the architecture and heritage of the urban and suburban areas.

So where do you start? The beauty of walking in Tasmania is that there are such a wide range of short walks, so you can drive in any direction and be guaranteed to find an easy and enjoyable walking trail. One of the best-known longer walks is the Tasmanian Trail. Beginning in Devonport on Tasmania's north coast, and finishing in Dover in the south, you can enjoy a few sections of the walk in a day or complete the 480 kilometre walk over a number of days. The Trail often passes through or close to small towns, allowing travellers to visit local attractions while using as little or as much of the Trail as they like, and to take advantage of local accommodation, hospitality and facilities. You will journey through ancient forests and through farmlands, over bridges and through some of the Tasmania's richest natural heritage.

There are well-known and spectacular walks located at Cradle Mountain, both day walks and much longer options are available. The Lake Dove Circuit takes just over an hour to complete and will take you around Dove Lake and to the base of Cradle Mountain. The Enchanted Walk leaves from the bridge at the park entrance and passes by scenic waterfalls, pools, moorland and rainforest before returning to the Cradle Mountain Lodge. This walk takes about half-an-hour and is mostly dry underfoot and is ideal for the whole family. Cradle Mountain also has a range of overnight walk options, and then there is world-famous Overland Track which runs for 65 kilometres to Lake St Clair at the southern end of the park. The Overland Track demands a fair degree of preparation and physical fitness and takes 6 to 8 days to walk.

The Tasman Peninsula offers a range of walking options. The Remarkable Cave is 5km south of Port Arthur, on the coast, and a stunning four hour hike begins here and carries on down the coast to Crescent Bay, taking in some beautiful natural features along the way. Then, there is the walk at Cape Raoul, which is an all-day affair, but worth it for the soaring dolomite columns standing above the crashing waves. Or you can choose from the 35 fantastic walks in and around Tasman National Park, which vary from 15min short and easy family walks, right up to hard, steep, rough tracks for the more athletic and adventurous.

The Freycinet Peninsula is one of the most popular locations for enjoyable walking, with views in every direction to add to the appeal of this location. Coles Bay has beautiful caravan parks convenient to the park where you can base your campervan. There are several short walks, and more strenuous day-long walks available in the park, as well as some overnight options. Campsites for overnight walkers are situated at Wineglass Bay, Hazards, Cooks and Bryans Beaches

The benefits of walking are well advertised, and this is one the best ways to explore a state as small and interesting as Tasmania. Why not plan on joining a walking tour through some of the country towns or historic cities? If you would prefer to walk in the countryside, throw a picnic together, head to a beautiful lookout and enjoy being alive in one of the loveliest places on earth. A campervan gives you the freedom to find any walk you might like.

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