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Bushwalking In South Australia

Hiking in the Flinders Ranges
Hiking in the Flinders Ranges

South Australia offers amazing diversity and breathtaking beauty in every direction. For the nature lover, you can choose from the large number of sprawling parks surrounding the city of Adelaide, or from the vast expanses of the Flinders Ranges. You can head to the Peninsulas for coastal hiking, or ramble through the vineyards of the Barossa Valley. Whatever destination you choose, your campervan will give you the freedom to enjoy your walking holiday to the maximum.

When hiking, you should be sensibly prepared with the correct gear. Always wear a hat and sunscreen, even if the sky is overcast. You should carry all your gear in a small pack on your back; don't carry gear in your hands as you will need them for balancing. Boots should be comfortable, well fitted, have a strong sole and provide ankle support. Good sneakers can be worn as an alternative to boots on some of the easier day walks. For day walks, it is only necessary to bring water, a lunch, and snacks, a small medical kit (for scratches and blisters), sunscreen for top-ups, and rain protection like a waterproof plastic poncho. These few precautions will add to your enjoyment of your walk. As well, it never hurts to let someone know what your plans are for the day.

Adelaide & the Adelaide Hills

Black Hill Conservation Park

The Black Hill Conservation Park is a public reserve approximately 10km northeast of Adelaide. The park covers an area of 684 hectares and features the low sheoaks which give Black Hill its name. The park also contains a wide variety of flora that offers a stunning display of native flowers in the spring including many delicate and colourful orchid species. While you're visiting the park, you should take the opportunity to walk through the landscaped Wildflower Garden that dates back to the late 1940s.

Address: 115 Maryvale Road, Athelstone


The Morialta Conservation Park

The Morialta Conservation Park is a public reserve 10km northeast of Adelaide, right beside the Black Hill Conservation Park. The park is in a rugged bush environment, well known for its impressive seasonal waterfalls, deep gorges and lush, wooded hillsides. A popular place for rock climbers, abseilers and bushwalkers of all abilities, Morialta includes trails suitable for prams as well as more challenging climbs that offer views across the hills to the city.

Address: Morialta Falls Rd, Woodforde


Cleland Conservation Park

Cleland Conservation Park is in the Adelaide Hills, 22km southeast of the Adelaide City centre. Cleland Conservation Park offers guided walks at dusk to see the native animals at their best. There are plenty of tracks here, one heading to Waterfall Gully which is especially majestic during the rainy season. There is a trail from the kiosk at Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty, which is very popular on the weekends.

Address: Mount Lofty Summit Road, Cleland


Outside of Adelaide

Onkaparinga River National Park and Recreation Park

Onkaparinga River National Park is a protected area 32km south of Adelaide, extending over the floodplain of the Onkaparinga. The largest park located forty kilometres from the city is known for its native animals, deep gorge, river system and bushwalking tracks. Throughout the walks you will come across colourful orchids, plenty of grey kangaroos and an abundant species of birdlife. There are also plenty of great picnic spots. With the Mt Lofty ranges as a fitting backdrop you will want to spend more than a day here.

Address: Piggott Range Rd, Onkaparinga Hills


The Flinders Range National Park

If you've ever been a fan of the art of Han Heysen, you know about the sun-bleached colours of the Flinders Ranges, the buttery light, the taupes and the pinks, the rich ochres, the glowing blues, the deep lavenders and the dusty greens. The park is situated approximately 400km north of Adelaide in the northern central part of South Australia's largest mountain range, the Flinders Ranges. The park is one of the most popular regions for bushwalkers, who travel here from all over the globe. The combination of mountains, gorges, wildlife and lush vegetation is perfect for an escape walking holiday. The Heysen Trail is the most well-known walking track that runs from Cape Jervis in the south to the centre of the Flinders Ranges. At 1500km, you need to be experienced and fit to complete the journey, but you can enjoy the walk in stretches. There are plenty of campsites in the ranges to use as a base while you enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Address: Blinman, South Australia


The Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges National Park

The Gammon Ranges are ideal for the experienced bushwalker only. The Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges National Park is a rugged and remote park in the North Flinders Ranges. The park's deep gorges and chasms, towering ranges, tree-lined creeks and freshwater springs are havens for many rare and endangered plants and animals. You can camp in the park but you will need to stick to the track as you will come across plenty of steep terrain and cliff faces. Its remoteness and untouched wilderness is a drawcard for many who keep coming back for the wildlife and beauty of this region.

Address: Nepabunna, South Australia


The Mount Remarkable National Park

Remarkable by name and remarkable by nature; this park is a popular destination for bushwalking and camping, Mount Remarkable National Park's dramatic gorges, walking trails and diverse wildlife is just the beginning of its appeal. The park features the 960m high Mount Remarkable Summit which can be reached along the Mount Remarkable Summit Hike from Melrose, providing impressive views of Willochra Plain and Spencer Gulf.

Address: Mambray Creek, South Australia


This is really just a taster of the walking trails of South Australia. There is a walking track suited to everyone, from those interested in gentle rambles to the serious hikers. Take your campervan to as many as you can, and enjoy the freedom of a self-drive holiday in the beauty of the outdoors.

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