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A Colourful Getaway At Rainbow Beach

The Maheno Wreck on Fraser
The Maheno Wreck on Fraser
Rainbow Beach has everything to offer the adventurous sun seeker, with camping spots in every direction, the world's largest sand island a short ferry ride away and spectacular coloured sands along the coastline.

Campervan hire Brisbane is the ideal choice to visit this region as you can pick and choose your favourite location to base yourself and spend the rest of your holiday enjoying the idyllic surroundings. Located close to three hours drive from Brisbane, it is easily reached via the Bruce Highway just past Gympie. It is often known as the gateway to Fraser Island and is surrounded by the incredible Great Sandy National Park. On the final stretch into town there are tall trees on either side of the road, and thick forest as far as the eye can see. These eventually lead to white endless beaches popular for camping.

There are two caravan parks that stand out from the rest, Rainbow Waters Caravan Park, accessible just as you enter the town, and Rainbow Village Caravan Park, located in the heart of town. We have enjoyed numerous family holidays at these locations and each have a different atmosphere and cater to most travellers. At Rainbow Waters, we noticed there was plenty of space for everyone, with trees and grasslands surrounding the entire park you feel instantly relaxed.

Camp fires are permitted, great for that Billy tea and damper. There are pelicans on the river bank waiting to greet you, with the nearby jetty the best place to watch the fishing boats. With excellent amenities, a kiosk and restaurant nearby, it is an ideal place to set up especially if you have a boat and are keen to fish or get out into the calm waters. Bring the insect repellent as the midges come out at dusk.

Rainbow Village is fantastic for families with the pool and playground, barbeque areas and great facilities, and as it is within walking distance from the beach it is an ideal choice for those who want to be close to everything. Head to the beach in the afternoon to fish for dinner and enjoy the beach air. You might to need to call ahead to ensure there is plenty of spots still available, as it is very popular. Come prepared with as much of your own food as you can bring as there is only one grocery shop which can be expensive. We caught our dinners as much as possible, adding to the family fun.

There are a number of natural tourist attractions within easy reach. The coloured sands are the most popular, with bright red, orange and yellow sands amazing to look at. You can climb to the top of some of these sand dunes for incredible panoramic views of the coast. The combination of colourful sands with the long stretches of beach and deep blue waters is what attracts visitors from all over the world to stay in this untouched paradise. Surprisingly, tourism has not affected the friendly township and it is easy to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

You can't visit Rainbow Beach without a taste of Fraser Island. As the only way to travel around the sand island is by four wheel drive, you might want to look at the number of excellent day trips available. Choose from a number of walking, adventure or short day tours available which can be easily organised from the mainland. The ferry leaves from Inskip Point, which is also a haven for campers and fishermen.

Fraser is beautiful rain or shine. We headed out in the middle of a thunderstorm, and the scenery was still breathtaking. There was thick birdlife in every direction, giant trees in every direction, and freshwater lakes that are like an oasis within an oasis. Lake McKenzie is the most popular, the white sands setting of the blue of the lake beautifully. Lake Wabby can only be reached by a half hour relatively easy walk. It is the deepest lake on the island and is surrounded by sweeping sand dunes.

If you have the time, it is worth driving further north to visit Tin Can Bay, the main attraction being the dolphin feeding which start at 8am through to 11am. The drive is fantastic and it is worth a day trip to see this unique town. Rainbow Beach is unique in many ways, and is the ideal holiday destination. Come any time of the year and enjoy the chance to unwind and explore on the most beautiful places on earth with campervan hire.

Jenny Brewer

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