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The idea of the Australian road trip has reached legendary proportions. Long roads that take you past beautiful scenery and through amazing cities attract thousands of international visitors keen to explore this vast land. Whatever your age and whatever your background there is bound to be something in Australia that will enthrall and excite you, and half of the adventure is in finding that special something. Campervan Hire will give you the freedom to explore this continent to your hearts content. With so much out there to see, your first thoughts need to be on where you are going to go.

A tour up the east coast is an especially popular option, with backpackers and families alike hiring a campervan and enjoying a leisurely drive that takes you through a vast array of differing landscapes. The full experience will take you from Melbourne in the south, right up the coast through Sydney and ending up in Brisbane. This is a long way, but you can choose to do any segment of this trip at one time if you do not have the time or resources to go the full distance. We have nationwide depots where you can drop off your budget campervan.

The first segment of the trip is from Melbourne to Sydney, and can take you anything from three days to three weeks depending on how much you wish to see. The coastline here is dramatic, with beautiful beaches and amazing rock formations par for the course. You will also drive through pristine countryside and thick, lush forest, as well as the wide plains at the lower end of the Snowy Mountain country. You have the choice of any number of cosy little towns to in which to park your campervan hire in and take a break. Lakes Entrance is a favourite because of its surf oriented beaches and its access to the Gippsland Lakes.

The Sydney to Brisbane leg is the best as far as beaches go. Take a couple of surfboards with you for the ultimate surfing safari, and be sure to stop in at the tourist haven of Coffs Harbour for some perfect swell. Byron Bay is one town you cannot miss either. Situated on a wide, calm bay and watched over by the most photographed lighthouse in Australia, the laid back and bohemian lifestyle of this special town will make you want to stay forever. From Byron its just a short drive to the Gold Coast, which also has an amazing array of beaches and of course the infamous Surfers Paradise. An hour north of the Goldy and you reach your destination of Brisbane, which is a beautiful town well worth exploring before you drop off your budget camper at our depot.

If the idea of this journey, or any other journey in Australia, takes your fancy then use the planner below to check the availabilty of our campervans. If you have any questions check out our FAQ's, page, or don't hesitate giving us a call on the numbers below.

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