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Booking Tips to Help Make Your Holiday Great

1. Book Early - Very Important

There are two huge advantages to booking early.

  • You are much more likely to get the vehicle you want or need. The campervan fleets do book out from time to time, particularly for vehicles larger than 2 berths.
  • You generally get the best price for your rental by booking early. Prices nearly always increase the closer you get to the date of departure.

What is early? You should remember that campervan holidays are popular amongst tourists who visit Australia from overseas. A tourist from overseas will naturally book six to nine months in advance. Therefore fleets do book out over peak times very early. If you want to book a family holiday over a school holiday, then book early.

These times and vehicle types sell out particularly early. Although, if you did not book early and are still interested, don't die wondering, contact us we will let you know what is available.

2. Check Out Insurance Options

The most common questions we answer all relate to insurance.

Understanding your insurance options is paramount to organizing your holiday. Basically there are three options, minimal insurance (high excess), excess reduction options (low or zero excess), or the Stress Free Package (low or zero excess) with other benefits or extras added.

When you reduce your insurance excess you also reduce the rental bond. This is advantageous as credit card charges are levied on a rental bond.

3. Beware Credit Cards from Overseas

When you hire a campervan, you need to leave a rental bond. This is done with credit card. When you return the vehicle, the bond is refunded onto your credit card. In theory, this process should cost nothing, except that banks take money from a foreign credit card at one rate, and refund the money at a lower rate. In practise this process costs 3 to 5 cents in the dollar (typically). So on a $5000 bond, it may cost you an extra $250 or more if the rates move against you while you are on your rental.

Check the stress free package or excess reduction options, these may be worth considering instead of losing badly to the exchange rate refunds (and the way banks work).

4. Avoid Peak Rental Times

Campervan rentals do have high seasons and peak times. By avoiding the peak times, you can gain your rental at a cheaper price than you can during a peak time. We always recommend checking school holidays and high season details before making your booking. Sometimes by moving your booking date a few days, you can save a bit of money.

5. Book Early - Very Important

Did we say this? Well, it is actually worth saying twice ... have a great holiday!

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