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Travellers Auto Barn Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Campervan & Motorhome Rental (Australia)
Current as of 25 January 2016

This document contains a summary of some of the Rental Conditions. For full detailed Conditions refer to the Rental Agreement on pick-up. You are obliged to read this document thoroughly and seek clarification on any points you do not understand.

Vehicle Pick-ups and Drop-offs

Vehicle pick-ups are available anytime between 9:00 am and 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday, and between 9:00 am to 11.30 pm, Saturdays. Vehicle drop-offs must be before 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday and before 11.00 pm, Saturdays. No pick-ups or drop-offs are allowed on Sundays and public holidays.

Branch Trading Hours (not pick-up and drop-off times)

Location Dates Hours
Year Round Mon-Fri
9:00am - 4:00pm
9.00am - 12.00pm
Melbourne Sep 10th - June 16th Mon-Fri
9:00am - 4:00pm
9.00am - 12.00pm
Melbourne Jun 17th - Sept 9th Mon-Fri
10:00am - 4:00pm
Darwin Mar 16th - Nov 30th Mon-Fri
9:00am - 4:00pm
9.00am - 12.00pm
Darwin Feb 1st - Mar 15th Mon-Fri
10:00am - 4:00pm

Branches closed: 

Darwin Branch closed between the 1st of December 2018 to 31st of January 2019.
Christmas Day, 25th Dec
Boxing Day, 26th Dec
New Years Day, 1st Jan
Good Friday & Easter Saturday

Minimum Rental Period

For all vehicles, day one of the rental period is the day of pick-up, regardless of the time, and the day the vehicle is returned is counted as the final day, also regardless of the time. The minimum rental period is 5 days for all campervans.

One Way Rentals

Vehicles may be rented one way between any of our branches. A one way fee will apply; this fee may vary according to location, seasonality and length of booking. East Coast rentals longer than 28 days will not incur any one way fee.

One way rentals are subject to minimum rental periods. Please refer to the table below. These periods are the recommended minimum length of time required to take these trips enjoyably. Minimum rental periods are subject to change during peak periods.

  Syd Cns Bne Mel Per Drw
Sydney   14 10 10 28 21
Cairns 10   10 14 28 14
Brisbane 10 10   10 28 21
Melbourne 10 14 10   21 21
Perth 21 28 21 14   21
Darwin 21 14 21 14 14  


Please be aware that the row heading represent the pick-up locations.

  Syd Mel Per Dar Cns Bne
Sydney   200 200 200 200 200
Melbourne 200   200 200 200 200
Perth 700 700   300 700 700
Darwin 200 200 300   200 200
Cairns 200 200 200 200   200
Brisbane 200 200 200 200 200  

*One-way fees on the East Coast are automatically waived for any booking over 28 days.

Standard Package Inclusions

The rates include the following:

  • Vehicle Insurance - Standard Liability
  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • 24 Roadside Assistance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Maps & Campground Guides
  • 10% Off  at Top Tourist Parks
  • Top Tourist Park Booklet
  • TAB Drive Guide - Hints and tips on driving around Australia & discounts through special partner networks.

Stress Free Package Inclusions

The rates include all the standard package inclusions plus;

  • Reduced Bond|Liability - $0
  • Windscreen Waiver
  • Tyre Waiver

Standard Liability for Damage

Personal Injury

The vehicle has compulsory third party personal insurance cover. It is likely that any other vehicle involved in an accident also has third party insurance cover. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the renter may be entitled to claim for their personal injury against the third party insurance of the party responsible for the accident. The extent of such third party insurance varies in different states and territories and Travellers Auto Barn strongly recommends that all passengers take out their own Personal Injury Travel Insurance.

If the renter is responsible for the accident, the vehicle’s third party insurance should cover the renter for the liability except where the renter has committed a breach of the vehicle’s third party insurance, e.g. drink driving.

Property Damage

The vehicle is covered for damage to it or damage to the property of a third party. However the renter is responsible up to the amount of the applicable liability for the cost of such damage to third party property, or to the rented vehicle. The renter is also responsible for administration costs and the cost of demurrage for the period the vehicle is unavailable due to repairs. The liability applies in respect of each claim (accident), not per rental. In addition to the liability an administration fee of $190 will be charged per claim (accident).

The liability is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident is reported to Travellers Auto Barn, not at the completion of the rental period. In the event of a no-fault accident, Travellers Auto Barn will make every attempt to refund to the hirer any costs recovered from the party at fault less a minimum $190 administration fee.

Damage Protection - Security Bond

A VALID VISA OR MASTERCARD CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED FOR THE SECUIRTY BOND. If you do not have a valid Visa Card or MasterCard please contact us so that we can email you a credit card authorisation form which allows you to use the credit card of a family member. Cash Cards are not permitted.

A security bond is required upon pick-up of the vehicleThe amount of the security bond is determined by the applicable damage protection option you have chosen. Payment of the bond is only accepted by a signed credit card pre-authorisation (sufficient funds must be available), the amount of the bond will not be debited from your account at this time.

If a debit or EFTPOS card is submitted the funds may be debited immediately (this depends on your bank). Any fees or charges incurred as a result of a debit card transaction remain the responsibility of the card holder. This will be refunded back to the debit or EFTPOS card, less a $50 administration fee, within 30 days of the vehicle being returned on time and undamaged.

If there is damage to the vehicle on its return, the bond will be used to cover the cost of such damage up to the amount of the relevant liability. However, if the terms of the rental contract are breached and the bond is insufficient to cover the damage then any extra cost will be charged.

Reminder: It is one bond per accident/damage and not per rental, therefore once you report the accident to Travellers Auto Barn, another bond will need to be pre authorised, otherwise you cannot continue with the rental.

Accidents and any other damages must be reported to Travellers Auto Barn within 24 hours of the occurrence or all liability limitations and coverages are void.

All liability limitations and coverages are void if the Terms & Conditions or the Rental Agreement are breached.

Security Bond / Liability

Liability Option Cost per Day Liability Fee Bond Payable
Standard Liability Included in Rental $2,500 $2,500
LRO1 $16 $1,200 $1,200
Stress Free Package $25 $0 $0 (imprint taken)
Windscreen Waiver Renter can pay $3/day
Max $75
Includes one windscreen
and one side/rear glass
Tyre Waiver Renter can pay $3/day
Max $75
Includes two tyres  

Stress Free & Liability Reduction Option 1 is payable to a maximum of 50 days. Stress Free includes two tyres, one front windscreen and one side/rear glass.

If the Stress Free excess reduction option has been chosen ($0 liability) a credit card imprint of the hirer’s credit card will be taken as security in case of any breach of the Terms & Conditions. No amounts will be taken using the credit card imprint unless there is a breach of the Terms & Conditions or Rental Agreement.

*Additional Coverages

Windscreen Waiver: With the purchase of the windscreen waiver, the hirer is not responsible to pay in the event that the windscreen needs to be replaced (first windscreen only and side & rear windows are excluded). All vehicles = $3/day up to maximum $75

(Note: If no additional coverage, windscreen chips are charged at $60 each, any more than 3 chips will result in a windscreen replacement charge of $300)

Tyre Waiver: With purchase of the tyre waiver, the renter is not responsible to pay in the event that tyres need to be replaced (up to max of two tyres per rental). All vehicles = $3/day up to maximum of $75 payable

Please note: Personal items are not covered under vehicle damage protection cover. We recommend you do not leave your valuables in your vehicle because of possible theft. We strongly recommend that all hirers take out their own premium travel insurance.

Full Responsibility

At all times the renter is responsible for:

  • Damage caused where the terms of Rental Contract have been breached.
  • Damage caused by negligence.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion including flood water, river water, salt water, or any other source of water.
  • Damage caused due to a single vehicle write off or rollover.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle by the renter’s wilful conduct.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle when using the vehicle in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
  • Damage caused due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
  • Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
  • Damage to the awning, overhead (roof) or under-body of the vehicle.
  • Damage caused as result of an accident from striking an animal whilst driving before dawn or after dusk outside of any city limits.

Multiple Rentals

Consecutive rentals can be combined to qualify for a long term discount rate provided travel is within a three month period. If drop-off of a vehicle and pick-up of a new vehicle occurs on the same day then each will be charged separately per respective rental. Multiple rentals are treated as separate rentals under the one way fee and minimum rental period conditions.

Late Pick up or Early Return

There is no refund for late pick up or early return of a vehicle. Hirers are charged for the length of time booked, not the actual time used. We strongly recommend that all hirers take out their own premium travel insurance, in the event a hirer, for reasons of their own, needs to return a vehicle earlier than expected.

Late Returns

A 59 minute grace period applies to all rentals. Additional hours charged at 1/3 daily rate to a maximum of three hours, beyond which another full day will be charged. Vehicles overdue by more than 24 hours may incur a $250 per day fee and be reported to the police as stolen.

Rental Period Extensions

If you, the hirer, wish to extend the rental whilst on hire, you must first obtain authorisation from Travellers Auto Barn. Please note, a casual conversation on the topic with a Travellers Auto Barn staff branch member does not constitute authorisation. Your requested extension is not authorised until expressly approved by Travellers Auto Barn CENTRAL RESERVATIONS, and you have nominated a specific date and the extension is paid in full. Calling a day or two before you are due to drop-off and requesting an extension may be rejected due to future bookings on your vehicle. Please communicate all extension requests by calling central reservations on 1800 674 374 at the earliest possible opportunity as all requests are subject to availability.

Change of Drop-off Location

Any change of return location can only be authorised by Travellers Auto Barn and depends solely on future bookings and availability. The change of drop off location is only approved when the applicable fee is charged of a maximum of $500. An unauthorised change of location drop off will see the hirer responsible for the entire cost of relocating the vehicle to its intended location plus a $500 fee.

Booking Amendments

Amendments are charged at a rate of AU$50 per change. This applies but is not limited to changing the client name, vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pickup dates or locations. No refund will be given on the initial deposit paid.

If an amendment is made to the rental whereby the length of hire is shortened, no refund will be given on the initial deposit amount nor can it be transferred to the balance payable on pick up. In addition No refunds will be given for any booking amendments to the rental dates within 28 days of collection (if the length of hire is shortened) and the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked. A relocation fee may also apply if the collection or return location is amended.

If the amendment results in changing vehicle brands your deposit is non transferable.

Where the hire is being extended, the amendment fee will not apply.

Please note that amendments may result in the daily rental rate to be recalculated at the rate applicable on the date of the amendment for the entire rental period.

Driver’s Licence

A valid driver’s licence (state, national or international) is required. For Australian driver licences holders.

If the driver’s licence is not written in English (e.g. German, French, Chinese, etc) then an international driver’s licence will also be required. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an international driving licence. The original driver’s licence must be shown at time of pick-up when the driver is present. Only those individuals who are named and are signatories to the rental agreement are authorised to drive the vehicle.

Minimum/Maximum Age

The minimum age for all drivers is 18 years old. The maximum age for all drivers is 75 years old.

Maximum Number of Passengers

Rental vehicles may only be driven with the legal number of occupants. Driving the vehicle with more than the maximum allowed number of persons voids all liability limitations and coverages and could result in a $250 breach of duty charge or loss of the bond.

Extra Drivers

A fee of $3 per day per extra driver is applicable and payable on pick up. Fees are payable up to a maximum of 25 days, thereafter no fees apply. Up to 5 additional drivers are allowed. All additional drivers must be noted and must sign the Rental Agreement at a Travellers Auto Barn branch.

GPS Units

A fee of $7 per day applies for the hire of a GPS unit. Fees are payable up to a maximum of 20 days, thereafter no fees apply (maximum $140).

The hirer will be liable up to a maximum charge of $250 should the GPS unit, mount, charger or carry case be lost, missing or damaged during the rental. The hirer must also ensure due care is taken with the GPS unit ensuring that it is kept protected and out of sight while the vehicle is unattended. The hirer must also follow all usage and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the GPS unit and Travellers Auto Barn.

Travellers Auto Barn is not responsible for any harm, damage, loss or misadventure that occurs as a result of use of the GPS unit.

Living Equipment

Campervans will be supplied with living equipment (such as bedding, cooking equipment, eating utensils, bath and tea towels) for a fee of $45. 4 berth campervans $75. 4 berth campervans can have equipment added for a 5th person for an additional cost of $25.

Maps and Campground Guides

Some maps and tourist guides are available free of charge from pick-up branches. A comprehensive Handy Australian Atlas or ‘Camps’ (free camping guide Australia wide), which also includes an atlas, can be found in every vehicle

Baby / Booster Seats

Baby seats can be supplied for a fee of $45 for use in compact cars and station wagons but cannot be fitted into the campervans. For children aged 4-7 years inclusive, a booster seat can be supplied for a fee of $45 which is suitable for use in all vehicles.

The supply of all child restraints is subject to availability and fitting of the restraints remains the responsibility of the hirer.

Vehicle Consultation

On pick-up of the vehicle our staff will provide a complimentary vehicle consultation. This includes an explanation of all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle as well as driving and travelling tips.

Cleaning Fee

All vehicles must be returned washed, vacuumed and tidy. A minimum fee of $100 will apply if the vehicle is returned in an unsatisfactory condition.

Cancellation Fees

FREE cancellation on all bookings up to 45 days prior to pick-up*

In the case of cancelling your reservation, the deposit is Non Refundable. In addition there is a $100 cancellation fee. A No Show is considered as a cancellation.

There is no refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle.

 * Valid for new bookings from 1st April 2016

Rental Payment

The full balance due for the rental period is payable upon pick up of the vehicle. Payment can be made by travellers cheque, bank cheque debit or credit card. If you supply an overseas credit card for payment, transactions will be charged in your currency if eligible. If you require the transaction to be charged in AUD please notify us prior to the transaction being processed.

Debit, Credit and Charge Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. Visa and Mastercard will incur an additional 2.2% surcharge on any transaction. American Express and Diners Club will incur an additional 5% surcharge on any transaction.

Credit Card Surcharge -Discovery Rentals

Discovery Rentals DO NOT CHARGE credit card fees if using a Visa or MasterCard, however American Express will incur a fee of 2.75% surcharge.

Exchange Rate / Currency Variations

If your overseas debit or credit card has been charged in your home currency, the foreign exchange conversion rate applied is the exchange rate applied by our merchant supplier at the time the transaction is processed. Due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amounts charged or refunded compared to the amount initially charged. We do not accept any liability for variances up or down.

Refunds by debit or credit card can take up to 15 working days depending on the cardholder’s financial institution.


10% GST is included in the rental rates.

Traffic Infringements

A non-refundable $75 infringement processing fee will be charged per infringement or toll notice to cover processing costs in relation to any speeding, parking fines, traffic infringement or  toll notice. You agree that we may pass your credit card and any other relevent personal details in relation to the rental of the vehicle to a third party who is responsible for contacting you directly for all infringements and notices. You remain liable for the payment of the original fine or toll.

Road Restrictions

Unsealed Roads

ALL vehicles may only be driven on sealed roads/bitumen roads or well maintained access roads less than 500 metres long to recognised campgrounds and parking areas. Travel on unsealed roads voids all liability limitations and coverages. The renter is liable for the total cost of any damage to all parties involved whilst travelling, or having travelled, on unsealed roads.

If Travellers Auto Barn has reason to believe that these vehicles may have been driven on unsealed roads the vehicle bond will be retained until a complete inspection of the vehicle determines if any damage has occurred. The renter will be liable for any damage found. If it is determined that the vehicle has been off-road but no damage is evident you will still be charged $250 for breach of duty.

Outback Road Restrictions

Travellers Auto Barn reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

Island Trips

All Travellers Auto Barn vehicles are restricted to mainland Australia (except for Magnetic Island, which is permitted). Trips to islands, including Tasmania and Kangaroo Island are allowed only with prior permission from Travellers Auto Barn. All recovery costs from any island are the renters’ responsibility, regardless of cause. (Unauthorised travel will void all liability limitations and coverages. Hirers will also be responsible for all costs associated with the rental, including servicing, breakdown and recovery as well as loss of bond).

24 Hour Road Side Assistance

If the vehicle requires Roadside Assistance (NRMA/RACQ/RACV etc) please call 1300 369 349, select Option 1 and quote the Travellers Auto Barn Membership Number 0029071B. If you are driving a CHUBBY call 1800 645 672 & quote the vehicles license plate. Only after Roadside Assistance has assessed the vehicle should you call Travellers Auto Barn. Please note that call outs from Roadside Assistance resulting from driver error or non-mechanical issues such as running out of petrol, flat battery resulting from leaving lights/engine on, keys locked in vehicle will result in a charge of $80 to the hirer.

Customer Care On-Road Assistance

Freecall 1800 customer assistance line.
Travellers Auto Barn provides a FREECALL1800 customer assistance line if you have any questions at all during your rental. The number can be found on the front of your orange wallet and your key ring.

This service operates 0900 to 1800 Monday to Saturday and 1030 to 1500 on Sundays and Public Holidays (Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Callers from Western Australia need to adjust for a 2-3 hour time difference.

Weekend Limited Service
The Weekend FREECALL 1800 customer assistance line is offered as a courtesy to customers who may find themselves in desperate need of our support. On weekends, most support services such as mechanical garages, etc are closed and therefore limited help is available, in any case.

Please restrict weekend calls to the Freecall 1800 customer assistance line to emergency calls only.

If your call relates to servicing, administration, extensions, accounts enquiries, etc or minor mechanical issues please call Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700.


Travellers Auto Barn vehicles are maintained and serviced to a high standard, however this does not prevent the occasional mechanical malfunction. Minor repairs of a mechanical nature costing less than $50 may be effected without our authorisation and will be reimbursed upon completion of the rental if tax invoices are produced.

If you experience any problems, even minor, we recommend you ring our Sydney office on 1800 674 374 for further assistance and advice. For amounts over $50, Travellers Auto Barn must be informed and approve repairs. We will approve repairs provided the renter was not directly responsible for the damage. Tax invoices must be submitted or the claim will not be paid.

In all cases the responsibility of Travellers Auto Barn is limited to refunding the time that the vehicle was actually in repair. This can be in the form of a rental extension or refund (the cost of the protection package is not included). No alternate accommodation, travel costs, or food items will be paid during downtime. Replacement vehicles will not be supplied.

Any problems associated with the vehicle, including equipment failure, must be reported to Travellers Auto Barn as soon as possible and within 24hrs in order to give Travellers Auto Barn the opportunity to rectify the problem. Failure to do so will compromise any claims as we can not accept liability for any claims submitted after this period

Malfunctions of stereo systems, cabin lights, air-conditioning, fridges, microwaves, sink water pumps etc., are not considered mechanical breakdowns and downtime will not be paid. Towing and retrieval of damaged vehicles is not covered.


For your convenience the fuel tank is full on pick-up and should be returned full by the hirer. The charge for re-filling is $3 per litre (this also includes the additional labour time taken to refill the vehicle).

5,000km Service & Safety Check

A service may be required during your rental. The hirer must consult with Travellers Auto Barn at every 5000 km interval from pick up for verification and location, if required. Travellers Auto Barn will pay for these services either directly or by reimbursement. If the 5000 km services are not done the hirer may be held responsible for any subsequent breakdown or engine damage.


The hirer/driver is responsible to check, at least daily and maintain all fluid levels and must immediately rectify and report to Travellers Auto Barn by calling 1800 674 374 any defect of which you become aware of, however slight. Topping up a vehicle that is losing water somehow is not rectifying the problem. Rectification means a fit and proper diagnosis and repair. Travellers Auto Barn cannot stress enough your responsibility in this regard. Continued operation of the vehicle after a defect has occurred may lead to serious consequential damage to the engine for which you will be held responsible.


We cannot stress enough the risks of continued driving if your car begins to overheat, or if it has a known cooling system problem of any kind. If your temperature gauge moves in a direction that is a departure from normal, stop immediately, investigate and call Travellers Auto Barn on 1800 674 374 . Do NOT wait for it to cool and drive again as you may cause further catastrophic damage to your engine, for which you WILL be held liable. Driving with an inoperative temperature gauge voids all liability limitations and coverages and may result in the hirer being held liable if overheating occurs.


If for ANY reason you cross or drive through WATER of any kind, you will be breaching the terms & conditions of this rental agreement. As such, if this results in damage to the vehicle in ANY WAY, you will be fully responsible for the costs. You also give permission for these costs to be taken from the credit card used on the rental to pre authorise the liability level you have selected. If no damage is detected immediately, we reserve the right to have the vehicle inspected at completion of the rental.

Animals, Pets, Smoking, Candles & Mosquito Coils

Smoking, the carriage of pets or other animals, and/or use of candles or mosquito coils are expressly prohibited. Guide dogs excepted. In the event of a breach of these conditions the rental bond will be retained and used against the cost of having the vehicle professionally cleaned and fumigated.

Change of Vehicle

We reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle at no extra cost where unforeseen circumstances dictate. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle renter to any refund.

Voluntary Downgrade

Should the renter decide to take a lower cost vehicle than booked they will not be entitled to any refund.

Limit of Liability

In the event of no alternative vehicle being available to the renter our liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge or in the case of mechanical failure (unless caused by the renter) the remainder of the hire period.

The Hirer shall keep Travellers Auto Barn indemnified in full against all losses, damages, injury, costs, claims, and expenses (including legal and other professional fees and expenses) suffered or incurred by Travellers Auto Barn which are caused or contributed to by:

a) a breach of this Rental Terms and Conditions and Part A by the Hirer;

b) any negligent, reckless, or wilful act or omission of the Hirer (its officers, employees, contractors, agents or any other person for whom the Hirer is vicariously liable).

Rental Refusal

Travellers Auto Barn reserves the right to refuse any rental at our discretion.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that hirers ensure they take out the highest level of Travel Insurance.

Rates, Terms and Conditions

The rates and terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. For details on our privacy policy, please see our website.

International Campervan Rental:


Britz, Maui & Mighty Free Cancellation up to 91 days prior to Travel

Lets Go Motorhomes - $175 Cancellation fee Always