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Jucy Terms and Conditions


Conditions for Campervan & Motorhome Rental (Australia)
Valid from 01 April 2018 
Rates and conditions
Rates and conditions quoted are subject to change without notice. However (subject to changes in legislation or errors) we will not alter rates or conditions applicable to your rental once your booking has been confirmed by Jucy. Please note all prices are quoted and payable in Australian dollars.


 Branch Opening Hours: (allow 1 hour for collection)
Gold Coast
Year Round Mon-Fri
8:00am - 5:00pm
8:00am - 4:00pm 
9:00am - 4:00pm

Year Round Mon-Fri
8:00am - 6:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm 
9:00am - 5:00pm


Year Round Mon-Fri
9:00am - 4:00pm
9:00am - 2:00pm 
9:00am - 2:00pm

Adelaide Year Round Mon-Fri
8:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 4:00pm 
All branches are closed Christmas Day
Cairns, Gold Coast & Adelaide closed Boxing Day
Public Holiday Surcharge $100 Applies to all other Public Holidays

Rental Duration

Rental days are calculated on a calendar day basis. When calculating the number of days the Vehicle is rented, the day of pick-up is counted as day one of the rental, regardless of pick-up time. The day of the Vehicle’s return is counted as the final day of the rental regardless of drop-off time. Late pick up or early return of the Vehicle does not entitle the Customer to any refund of the unused portion of the rental.


Minimum days & one way rentals

Minimum rental period is 5 days. Minimum hire period for one-way rentals is 10 days, depending on location, Shorter one way rentals will be considered, however if accepted a one-way fee will apply. Minimum rental periods are subject to change, and any such change will be notified to you prior to booking confirmation. One way rentals are available between all branch locations.
One-way Fee $150 (waived for hires of 21 days or longer)


Delivery and Return of the Vehicle

The Customer acknowledges having received the Vehicle in a clean condition, with a full fuel tank and full bottle of gas (if applicable).The Customer will return the Vehicle in a clean condition with a full fuel tank and a full bottle of gas (if applicable, and subject to any pre-purchase fuel and/or pre-purchase gas option being taken), on the return date, time and location set out in the Rental Agreement. The Customer acknowledges that Jucy will reasonably determine what, if any, refund may be warranted if the Vehicle is returned or the Customer ceases to have the use of the Vehicle prior to the return date. Campas must be returned to the JUCY branches one hour before closing time. A late fee of $100 may apply. Campas cannot be picked up or returned outside of office hours.


Change of drop-off destination

If the Customer wishes to change the drop-off destination, they must first obtain authorisation from the Reservations centre Subject to the change being approved and additional charge of up to AU$1250 may apply, which will be notified to you at time of approval The fee may apply in all cases irrespective of the reason for location change.


Late Drop-offs

If the Customer wishes to drop-off the Vehicle after business hours, they must first get approval from the destination branch. Subject to approval, a fee of AU$150 is applicable and the Customer will be required to pay an extra day’s Liability Reduction Premium (based on the Liability Reduction Option selected) as they will be held responsible for the Vehicle up until the time that it is checked in by a Jucy staff member.


Rental Extension

If the Customer wishes to extend the rental whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorisation from Jucy. This is subject to availability The extra cost of an extended rental must be paid by credit card on confirmation of the rental extension. Failure to obtain an authorisation for a rental extension will result in a late fee of AU$150 per day in addition to the daily rental rate (plus liability reduction charges) for each day until the vehicle is returned. The daily rental rate charged will be the rate applicable on the day of extension (which may differ from the original rate booked) per vehicle for the extended rental period.


Multiple Rentals

Should a Customer have more than one rental, the bookings can be combined to qualify for longer-term hire discounts Jucy Campa hire in Australia and New Zealand and/or car hire in New Zealand can be combined to qualify if travel is within a 3-month period.



A full (non probationary) resident country drivers licence must be presented at the time of rental for each nominated driver If the licence is not in English format, an international drivers licence or a certified English translation is also required.


Age restrictions

Drivers must be 18 years of age or over. A medical certificate stating that the customer is fit to drive the vehicle they have booked for the duration of the hire is required for drivers over the age of 75.


Use of the vehicle:

The Customer agrees that, during the Rental Period, the Customer will not allow the Vehicle to be:

a) driven otherwise than in a prudent and cautious manner. A single vehicle rollover is considered a breach of this condition and the customer will be responsible for the first AU$5,000 of the cost of damage regardless of fault;

b) driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol level in excess of that permitted by law;

c) left with the ignition key in the Vehicle while it is unoccupied;

d) damaged by: (i) submersion in water; (ii) contact with salt water; (iii) creek or river crossing; (iv) driving through low plain flooded areas; (v) beach driving

e) used for any illegal purpose or in any race, rally or contest;

f) used to tow any vehicle or trailer;

g) used to carry passengers or property for hire or reward;

h) used to carry more persons than is permitted by any relevant authority or detailed in the Vehicle manual or on the Vehicle or specified in this Agreement;

i) used to carry volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or inflammable material.

Road restrictions apply as follows: Vehicles must not be used on any unsealed road (being a road not sealed with a hard material such as tar, bitumen or concrete). Off road conditions include, but are not limited to: fire trails, beaches, sand, tracks, fields or paddocks. The only exception to this is reasonable use of access roads to recognized commercial campgrounds.

We value your well being, and for safety purposes Jucy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, and the distance to nominated destinations in relation to the length of hire period. Jucy will advise you on pick up of any travel restrictions known at that time. Where Jucy mandates a change in drop off location, late drop off fees will not apply.

The Customer shall not make any alternations or additions to the Vehicle without the prior written consent of Jucy.

The Customer will not allow any animals to be carried in the Vehicle, excluding registered guide dogs. The Customer shall take all reasonable steps to properly maintain the Vehicle, including daily checks of the oil, water and batteries, and will contact Jucy immediately should vehicle warning lights indicate any potential malfunction.


Maintenance and Repairs

Jucy will reimburse customers for expenditure up to AU$100 reasonably incurred in rectifying any mechanical failure to the drive train and engine of the Vehicle.

For repairs costing over AU$100, Jucy will need to be informed and confirm the repair in advance. Repairs will be approved and reimbursement, where applicable, will be granted provided the Customer was not responsible for the damage.

In all cases, receipts must be submitted for any repair or the claim will not be paid.

Subject to the terms of the Liability Reduction, the Customer will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing the tyres damaged during the Rental Period except if the tyre is defective and is returned by the Customer to Jucy for inspection and is subject to a warranty claim on the manufacturer.

The Customer will be liable for any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel (being diesel or petrol), this includes Bio-Diesel which should not be used, or water or other contamination of fuel.

The Customer will pay Jucy the daily rental rate for the period the vehicle is off fleet for accident repairs.


On-road assistance

Any problems associated with the Vehicle, including equipment failure, must be reported to Jucy within 24 hours in order to give Jucy the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental Failure to do so may compromise any claims for compensation Jucy reserves the right to not accept liability for any claims submitted after this period Please contact Jucy on: 1800 150 850 or 07 3236 9882


Vehicle availability

Vehicles cannot be requested by make or model, only by vehicle category. Jucy will endevour to supply the vehicle category selected, however should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforeseen circumstances, Jucy reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification The alternative vehicle shall be as close a substitute for the booked vehicle as possible Jucy will reasonably determine what, if any, refund may be warranted if a vehicle substitution is required. Should the customer decide to take a lesser vehicle than booked they will not be entitled to any refund. Where Jucy cannot provide a vehicle for a confirmed reservation, Jucys liability is limited to a refund of the unused portion of the rental fee only.


For your Protection

Personal Injury is covered in most cases through Registration Third Party Insurance. However, we strongly recommend that all people travelling in Australia take out Personal Travel Insurance. Jucy does not accept any liability for personal injuries sustained during rental.


Vehicle protection options

The Customer understands that:

a) the Vehicle is insured for third party Vehicle and property damage;

b) the Customer will have to pay a liability fee in respect of any damage incurred whilst in the Customer’s possession;

c) the liability fee may be reduced by taking out Liability Reduction coverage (see below)

Any Liability Reduction is void, and the Customer will be responsible for the total cost of any damage if the Customer breaches any of the conditions of the use of vehicle clause

If no Liability Reduction Option is taken, the customer is responsible for the first AU$3000 of the cost of damage

Note: Standard Cover & the Liability Reduction option do not cover tyre & windscreen damage

Stress Free Package covers all damage including all glass breakages (with the exception of sunroof and roof pod), under body & overhead damage

The Standard Liability can be reduced by purchasing one of the following Liability Reduction Options:

 For Bookings up to 31 July 2019

Liability Option Cost per Day Liability Fee Bond Payable
Standard Liability Included in Rental $3,000 $3,000
LRO 1 $20 $1,500 $1,500
Stress Free Package- Crib, Grande, Condo $30 $0 $0 (imprint taken)
Stress Free Package - El Cheapo Sleeper $25 $0 $0 (imprint taken)

Stress Free Package

Stress Free Package is a full cover option, where the Stress Free Package is taken out, the hirer will not have to pay any liability for any damage to the vehicle,including tyres, all window/glass breakages (with the exception of sunroof and roof pod), under body and overhead damage.

 Travelling from 1 August 2019

Liability Option Vehicle Cost per Day Liability Fee Bond Payable
Standard Liability Sleeper,crib & champ Included in Rental $3,000 $3,000
Standard Liability Condo, Compass & Coaster Included in Rental $5,000 $5,000
LRO 1 (SF) Sleeper,crib & champ $30 $0 $0
LRO 1 (SF) Condo, Compass & Coaster $40 $0 $0
Stress Free Plus Package Sleeper,crib & champ $45 $0 $0 (imprint taken)
Stress Free Plus Package  Condo, Compass & Coaster $55 $0 $0 (imprint taken)

LRO1 - Stress Free

With this cover option, if taken out, the hirer will not have to pay any liability for any damage to the vehicles ,Front, Back or Side Panels including tyres, all window/glass breakages (with the exception of sunroof and roof pod).

Stress Free Plus Package

Stress Free Plus Package is a full cover option, where the Stress Free Package is taken out, the hirer will not have to pay any liability for any damage to the vehicle,including tyres, all window/glass breakages including sunroof and roof pod, Single Vehicle Rollover damage and includes extras like GPS, Table & Chairs

  • For hires of 51 days and over, a maximum of 50 days excess reduction premium will be charged.
  • JUCY’s excess reduction options are null and void if any of the Rental Agreement terms and conditions are breached , in which case hirer will be liable for the full cost of damage. For more information please see JUCY T&Cs.
  • It is hirer's responsibility to collect accurate third party details in the event of an accident, regardless of what excess reduction cover is taken, and regardless also of fault.
  • If Stress Free Plus excess reduction is not taken, and roof/rooftop pod damage or single vehicle rollover incident occurs, a charge of up to $5,000 will apply to cover damage to the JUCY vehicle and any third party vehicle and/or property.
  • If Standard excess reduction is chosen:
  • A bond to cover the excess will be pre-authorised for security on the hirer’s credit card for the duration of the rental, even if hirer has alternative insurance with another provider. All or part of this bond will be claimed by JUCY in the event of an accident and will be retained until the value of the damage is determined. Any balance between the bond and the damage cost will be returned as soon as is practical.
  • Any costs to repair damage caused by a third party may not be recoverable as insurance is not compulsory in Australia
  • A $75 Claims administration fee will also be charged.



The Customer acknowledges that they are responsible for all costs for the following damage irrespective of Liability Reduction options that may have been taken.

Damage as identified below is specifically excluded from any Liability Reduction or Stress Free Package limitation of liability and the Customer remains fully liable for all costs incurred:

a) For any damage due to vehicle use in contravention of clause “Use of Vehicle”;

b) Any damage caused by willful misconduct (e.g sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the Vehicle) and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and negligence resulting in damage to the hired Vehicle or third party vehicle/property;

c) For any loss or damage to Personal belongings: Jucy recommends the Customer does not leave valuables in the vehicle and that they take out personal insurance;

d) If the Customer is proven to have not abided by the current road rules, resulting in damage to the hired Vehicle or third party vehicle/property;

e) The cost to retrieve or recover a vehicle, which has become bogged;

f) The cost to replace keys which have become lost, stolen, or retrieval of keys which have been locked in the Vehicle;

g) For any costs relating to overhead or under body damage however caused (not excluded with Stress Free Package);

h) Drivers not identified on the rental agreement and/or drivers that have a licence that has been cancelled or suspended and/or drivers who have a licence that is classified as a learners or probationary licence

i) Any damage to the sunroof.

j)Any damage caused by driving while the vehicles engine is overheated; and

k)Any damage caused to the interior or roof pod of the vehicle

Forms Of Payment Accepted

Jucy accept the following method types for the balance of payment.
  • Credit card - Visa MasterCard or Amex
  • Debit Card - Visa or MasterCard
  • AUD cash
  • AU EFTPOS card
Vehicle Security Deposit
On pick-up of the Vehicle, the Customer agrees to pay a Vehicle Security Deposit. The Customer authorises Jucy to deduct from the Security Deposit any amounts due by them to Jucy arising out of the agreement. The Vehicle Security Deposit amount is determined by the Liability Reduction Option selected.

If the Customer does not take an Liability Reduction Option , the Security Deposit is AU$3000 payable by credit card only. A credit card authorisation and credit card imprint will be taken.

If the Liability Reduction Option has been taken the Security Deposit is AU$1500 payable by credit card only.

If Stress Free Package Option has been taken, an imprint of the customers credit card details will be held on file as a security that the contract is not breached while on hire, however no liability fee is applicable.

The Security Deposit is fully refundable provided the Vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged, with a clean interior, and with a full fuel tank. Jucy reserves the right to retain an AU$125 soiling fee if the Vehicle is not returned with the interior in a clean condition and free of mud.

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic Credit cards are not accepted for Bond Payments. An electronic credit card is one where the numbers are not raised.


  • Vehicles are provided in a clean and tidy manner and should be returned in a similar state. Animals and smoking are not permitted in the Vehicle. A cleaning fee of up to $250 may apply.
  • If the Vehicle is returned late, a full day hire applies for each day until the Vehicle is re-turned. An additional late return fee may also apply.
  • There will be no refunds for early return and additional fees will apply if the Vehicle is returned to an alternative location without prior approval from JUCY in writing
  • Where the Vehicle is involved in a single vehicle roll over or the roof of the Vehicle is damaged as a result of any single vehicle incident or accident the Hirer is liable for costs of up to $5000.
  • Failure to return the Vehicle with full petrol, diesel and/or LPG tanks (as applicable) will incur a $30 administration fee plus the cost of refilling the fuel -
  • JUCY should be notified of any accident, mechanical breakdown or equipment failure within 48 hours of it occurring
  • JUCY does not cover loss or damage to any personal belongings.
  • A fee of $500 will be charged for failure to empty the grey water or toilet cassette (if applicable) prior to returning the Vehicle.
  • The hirer is liable for all costs associated in replacing keys, which have been lost, broken or damaged and/or the cost of retrieval of keys which have been locked inside a Vehicle. Please note a replacement key could be up to $1,000 plus associated costs to the event.
  • A Damage Administration fee of $75 will be applied for processing each damage claim. This fee applies to all damage claims regardless of whether the Hirer elects to use JUCY Excess Reduction Cover or has made their own travel insurance arrangements.
  • The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Vehicle may only be driven during the Term of Hire by the person(s) specified as authorised driver(s) in the Rental Agreement or agreed to later by JUCY.

Baby Seats/Booster Seats

Jucy do not hire out baby or booster seats. Clients must bring their own. Child seats cannot be fitted to the Jucy Crib. Anchor Points are by request only.



Jucy reserves the right to charge the Customer for any speeding, parking or toll way fines, associated administration costs and/or accidents including third party property damage not reported on return of the Vehicle The administration fee per incident will be AU$50.


Credit card Payment

If a credit card is presented as payment, the credit card holder will be jointly and severally liable as a Customer. The following credit cards will be accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. A  credit card fees apply to the use of credit card payments payments and security bond purposes. When payment is made by credit card, the Customer agrees that:

a) Jucy is irrevocably authorised to complete any documentation and take any other action to recover from the Customers credit card issuer all amounts due by the Customer pursuant to this Agreement, including, but not limited to, any amounts due in respect of damage to the Vehicle or to property of a third party and all other additional charges as they are incurred including all parking and traffic infringement penalties, road toll fines and associated administration costs;

b) The Customer will not dispute his/her liability to Jucy for any amount properly due under this Agreement and the Customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Jucy against any loss incurred (including legal costs) by reason of notifying the Customer’s credit card issuer of such dispute;

c) In the event that Jucy elect to accept payment of the Security Deposit by holding a signed and authorised open credit card voucher which is returned to the Customer at the completion of the Rental Period, the Customer agrees that Jucy is entitled to recover payment from the Customer’s credit card issuer pursuant to paragraph (a) in respect of any amounts due which were not known at the time of return of the voucher;

d) Jucy may process credit card charges pertaining to the rental after the hire period. The Customer acknowledges that all transactions under this Agreement are conducted in Australian dollars. Due to exchange rate fluctuations and bank fees, there may be a variance between the amount initially debited against the Customer’s credit card and the amount refunded. Jucy accepts no liability for any such variation.
The surcharge for customers paying Jucy by credit card will be as follows:
Mastercard Credit Visa Credit Mastercard Debit Visa Debit Union pay International AMEX
2.0% 2.00% 0.89% 1.52% 1.63% 4%

 Current from 1 September 2017 and subject to change without notice


Personal and company cheques
Personal and Company cheques will not be accepted as payment for rentals at the time of pick-up Personal or Company cheques are not acceptable as the vehicle security deposit.


Terminating The Agreement and Repossessing the Vehicle
The Customer acknowledges that Jucy may terminate this Agreement and repossess the Vehicle (and for that purpose enter upon any premises and remove the vehicle) at any time, without notification to the customer, and that the Customer will pay the reasonable cost of repossessing the Vehicle, including towing charges if:

  • a) The Customer is in breach of any material term of this Agreement
  • b) The Customer has obtained the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
  • c) The Vehicle appears to be abandoned;
  • d) The Vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date or Jucy reasonably believes that the Vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date; or
  • e) Jucy considers, on reasonable grounds, that the safety of the passengers or the condition of the Vehicle is endangered. The Customer understands that in the event of such termination or repossession, the Customer has no right to a refund of any part of the rental charges or the Security Deposit.

Credit Card Surcharge -Discovery Rentals

Credit card fees are payable when using Visa, Mastercard or AMEX as these are subject to change Find out the current rates for your card here

Cancellation and Amendments

FREE cancellation on all bookings up to 45 days prior to pick-up

In the case of cancelling your reservation less than 45 days prior to pick-up, the deposit is Non Refundable. In addition there is a $100 cancellation fee. A No Show is considered as a cancellation.

Amendments are charged at a rate of $50 per change. This applies but is not limited to changing the client name, vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pickup dates or locations. No refund given on the initial deposit paid.

If an amendment is made to the rental whereby the length of hire is shortened, no refund will be given on the initial deposit amount nor can it be transferred to the balance payable on pick up. In addition, if an amendment is made inside 14 days of pick up, the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked. A relocation fee may also apply if the collection or return location is amended.

Where the hire is being extended, the amendment fee will not apply.

Please note that amendments may result in the daily rental rate to be recalculated at the rate applicable on the date of the amendment for the entire rental period.

If a bookings travel dates are amended within the cancellation fee period to be outside of the cancellation fee period and is subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.

Title to Vehicle

The Customer acknowledges that Jucy retains title to the Vehicle at all times. The Customer shall not agree, attempt, offer or purport to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, pledge, mortgage, let on hire or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the personal possession of or otherwise deal with the Vehicle.
Limit of Liability
In any incident where Jucy fails to meet its obligations under this agreement. Jucys liability is strictly limited to a refund of the unused portion of the rental
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