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Travel Blogger Q&A ~ The Wanderlust Chronicles

 Visit The Bay of Fires to see the most beautiful and unique beaches Australia has to offer. 

What is one hidden gem of a destination well worth visiting?

Tasmania is our favourite state to visit in Australia because it has a wealth of natural and untouched beauty that you can’t find anywhere else in Australia. It is a great place to explore and unwind without the hustle and bustle of Australia’s major cities. One place you must visit while in Tasmania is the East Coast, particularly from Freycinet to St Helens. In Freycinet, you must see The Hazards Mountain Range, hike up to The Wineglass Bay Lookout, and eat fresh Tasmanian oysters at The Freycinet Marine Farm. In St Helens, you have to visit The Bay of Fires to see the most beautiful and unique beaches Australia has to offer.

What do you find special about this place?

The East Coast has stunning, pristine beaches with pure white sand, crystal blue waters, and contrasting, bright orange, lichen covered boulders, making for some stunning photos and memories to take home! But what makes it so special is the untouched natural beauty that is around every corner.

When is the best time of year to visit?

It’s best to visit all year round. If you want to explore without the crowds, then we recommend visiting during the Winter months of April to September, which is what we did. It’s also really easy to drive around the whole island so with a hire car or camper van you will be best equipped to explore all that Tasmania has to offer.

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