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NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park Review

Are you ready to get out of the high-paced city of Brisbane and recharge with some family fun? Then, a camping trip at the NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park might be just what you need!

Well, in today’s blog, we will explore my first-hand and personal experience of this popular camping location and find out all the activities you can expect to do there. Of course, this revolves much around Lake Somerset and water sports, but we can delve more into that further below!

NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park: Camping Review

Review: NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park Camping

My camping experience around the dam in the NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park was absolutely a positive experience. This includes factors like the location, facilities, camping areas, and amazing staff.

The site we chose had plenty of room for us to set up, and we even paid a little extra for a private but shared bathroom (as opposed to the public use facilities). Somerset Lake is a friendly adventure that makes Brisbane is worth stopping into, while your road tripping around Australia.

There are many different areas and campsites to choose from, so depending on the spot you book, it can be as roomy or tight as you like. Ultimately, I would pick one based on your needs and the necessary facilities you need from the park.

The views are spectacular, overlooking the lake’s clear blue waters, especially for sunrise or sunset. With tons of opportunities for water sports like kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Additionally, there’s plenty of wildlife (like ducks walking around your site) and native fauna, making it a peaceful and unique experience.

With all that being said, the camping area is very popular and can get very crowded during weekends and holiday periods. Not only that, but a few of the sites seemed a bit squashed in and obviously, this might affect your decision for an isolated bush camping encounter. 

Overall, camping at NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park around the Dam is guaranteed to provide lots of fun and relaxation!

I would recommend giving it a go!

Where is the NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park Camping

The NRMA Lake Somerset Camping grounds are just 2 hours northwest of Brisbane in Hazeldean and close to the small town of Kilcoy. It’s situated on the banks of Australia’s largest dam (Somerset) and among 7000 hectares of tranquil bushland. 

Camping Types Available at Lake Somerset

NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park: campervan powered sites

The Lake Somerset Camping Grounds cover a relatively large area, with many different types of camper van and camping sites available to book. This includes:

  • Powered Tent Site
  • Powered Van Site
  • Unpowered sites
  • Powered Waterview site 

Camping at Lake Somerset is an affordable option that won’t break the bank! You can camp for around $30 to $40 a night for both powered and unpowered sites (depending on location and time of year).

The price you pay guarantees access to fantastic scenic spots and excellent recreation options, as well as restrooms, hot showers, and laundry facilities.

Do they have fixed accommodation?

No camping gear, No problem! There are villas, cabins, and safari tents available in the Caravan Park, so you can book something to suit your own unique needs and the number of beds needed. Everything has been well thought out and designed conveniently, ensuring you have everything you require for a comfortable stay. 

Fixed accommodation includes:

  • Superior Lakeview Villa
  • Lakeview Villa
  • Log Cabin
  • Safari Tents

Things to do at Lake Somerset while camping at the NRMA Holiday Park

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the calm lake. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the lake offers an expansive and peaceful atmosphere that can be hard to find elsewhere. There is even an area section off away from the motorised water vehicles. 

The calm terrain of the lake ensures a tranquil journey across its warm and inviting waters, complete with unique wildlife and stunning views. 

Water Skiing

We saw plenty of water skiing going on at Lake Somerset, and it is the ultimate in aquatic excitement! Conveniently, you can bring your own boat and use the supplied ramps on either side of the caravan park.

Once out on the lake, there’s no better experience than carving up the water with adrenaline-filled twists and turns. Slice through with precision and use water skis, knee boards, or a flotation device. I think I even saw a blow-up chair!

Unleash your inner daredevil and speed freely across the lake while watching for any surprise jumps or wave formations (mainly from the other skiers), only adding to an already exciting ride!


If you fancy a bit of fishing, then this is also a popular pastime on the lake! But more importantly, you need to purchase a fishing permit prior to your visit. Thanks to the abundance of fish species, you could find Australian bass, golden perch, silver perch, saratoga, and Mary River cod. 

What makes fishing here great is how many different places you can fish. This includes from the Spit, Kirkleagh, or Westvale Road shores. Alternatively, take out your very own boat through the open waters. 

Jet Skiing

Apart from the water skiing, there was heaps of Jet skiing on the waters, too (which was surprising in the middle of winter). Jet Skiing is so much fun, and the kids will love taking turns in the ride-along. 

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your face and flying through those waves at top speed. But ensure you take all safety precautions, bring a life vest with you, and follow the standard jet skiing rules regarding speed and distance from other riders.

Kayaking or Canoeing

Just like paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing on the lake is a great way to relax and explore your surroundings. The lake is perfect for all skill levels, and you can start off using the area sectioned off for non-motorised sports or brave the rest of the lake. 

Of course, other boaters or Jet skiers will wave up the water with their escapades, but you can find ways around it. But don’t forget to bring along snacks, sunscreen, and plenty to drink while you’re out in your kayak, relaxing and appreciating the beauty of this remarkable lake.

Visit Kilcoy

While you can pick up basic camping supplies from the Caravan Park itself, there are more options (sometimes cheaper) available 10 minutes’ drive away at Kilcoy. This includes fuel, groceries, or maybe you want to pick up a freshly made pie or sausage roll.


If you’re into Astrophotography like me, then it’s great to find a country location with low light pollution from the big city of Brisbane. This is often the best time to star gaze and see the planets and Milky Way come to life. 

Grab a drink, sit back in your favourite chair, and calmly look into the sky (waiting for your eyes to adjust). Find the constellations, saucepan, Southern Cross, big dipper, and Orion’s belt. Or you can go that one step further and bring a telescope.

I can sit there for hours making time-lapse creations, and it can certainly entice others to visit by showing off your work. See how inventive you can be, or try getting the star reflections from the lake waters. 


If all else fails, then you can certainly put on your swimmers and jump in the lake for a cool-off. The shores are sandy, where you can set up a gazebo or umbrella for the day, and it has an easy entry into the lake.

Beat the summer heat and relax the day away in the shallows in your flotation device while holding your favourite drink. Now, doesn’t that sound like heaven? 

However, note that all swimmers are encouraged to bring and wear life jackets or other flotation devices. Not only will this make for more enjoyable swimming, but it is vital for safety, too. 

Are you allowed Camp Fires?

If a cozy fire is something you crave while exploring the beauty of Lake Somerset Holiday Park, yes, it’s totally allowed! As long as you keep it contained within a fire pit or brazier and no fire bans are applied to the area at the time. 

Honestly, nothing warms your heart more quite like roasting marshmallows over an open flame while telling stories around the campfire with friends and family. 

Is there Wi-Fi or Phone Data Service at Lake Somerset Holiday Park?

Yes, the Lake Somerset Holiday Park definitely has Wi-Fi and phone data service! Even better, I was surprised to hear that the Wi-Fi was free to use for all paying guests. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try the Wi-Fi as I was too busy having fun. But, despite that, I did notice reliable data around the park, so you should be able to upload photos of your stay or keep in contact with family and friends!

Are there public Showers at NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park?

Yes, the Holiday Park has public showers and toilets available for those who need them! But, to be honest, I found these constantly busy, and cleanliness was about average.

We were lucky to purchase a lakeside camping site with its own bathrooms and toilets. Consequently, these were only shared with a few lakeside sites and required a specific key to get in. However, I found them well-maintained and cleaner than the public ones. 

What facilities are available at the NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park?

  • Camp Kitchen.
  • Sheltered and Un-sheltered Picnic Tables.
  • Barbecue’s
  • 18 Hole Mini Golf
  • Also, Volleyball Net and Basketball Court & Children’s Playground
  • as well as a Sporting Oval
  • Convenient Kiosk with Groceries and Bait/Gas/Ice
  • Fish Cleaning area
  • Dump Point
  • Day Visitors Area
  • Laundry
  • and lastly, Boat Ramps

Is Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe the same?

Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe are one and the same, kind of! Somerset Dam feeds into Lake Wivenhoe, so they are most definitely linked. The two, however, are operated as one system, and Somerset Dam itself is stocked with fish by the Queensland Department of Fisheries to ensure a healthy population for recreational fishing. 

Suggested Packing List for Camping

Most gear arrangements will differ for everyone, but I’ve mentioned a few things you might need to consider when staying at the Lake Somerset camping grounds.


  • Campervan, Motorhome, Swag, Tents, Gazebo Inner Hub, Caravan.
  • Self-Inflating Mattress or Air Beds in the Tents.
  • Sleeping bags are perfect for keeping warm, but sometimes, we unfold them to use as under layers.
  • 3×3 Gazebo, or a 2.5 4WD awing off the side of the car. 
  • Extra Blankets for warmth, but consider rubber mats or a picnic blanket for added warmth under a swag or tent. This will help in the winter and stop the cold coming up from the Ground.


  • You might need various Kitchen Cookware, from Kettles, fry pans, saucepans, plates, and containers. 
  • We cook with a Gas Burner and purchase the Gas cylinders when needed.
  • We have two sets of Chairs. Firstly, for comfortability, we use the Quad Folding Chairs, especially if we have enough room. Alternatively, we can use smaller beach Chairs to save some room in the car and make it easier to carry around.
  • Fire Pits are also handy if you’re staying somewhere you can use them. Lake Somerset does allow Fire Pits, but you’ll need to check on current Fire Bans during your visit.
  • Firewood – Must be milled and brought into the Caravan Park.


  • Mosquito Spray or Coils for burning around your campsite to deter bugs or nets over sleeping areas.
  • Camp Lighting is essential, and we use anything from LED lighting to torches and rechargeable battery types. We ensure variety, so we always have some around, especially to visit the toilet in the middle of the night.
  • Toilets are supplied here, but you can bring your own Portaloo if convenient.
  • A fridge installed in your car is handy to store all your food, or maybe an Esky, Ice Box, or Cooler. The Camp Kitchen has a fridge if needed.
  • Clean Water for drinking and Showers, but there is drinking water available at Caravan Park.


Overall, The NRMA Lake Somerset Holiday Park is a great place to chill & relax, but also great for getting out on the lake for some family fun! I’m sure you will enjoy this place as much as I did!

Written By :

Chris Fry is the writer and photographer behind Aquarius Traveller, where she shares her journeys and provides valuable information and inspiration for your destination travels. She lives in Australia and has travelled to 36 countries and in-depth across Australia.

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