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3 Days in Melbourne: Experience Arts, Eats, and Adventures

No place gives me that feeling of excitement like Melbourne! It’s hard to explain, as if your brain is trying to calculate what to do, and endless experiences – all at once! Luckily I’ve done the hard part and planned a 3 days in Melbourne itinerary! Perfect for a long weekend to become familiar with this vibrant city.  

From urban jungle graffiti to scenic coastline views. Become 1 amongst the 5 million people in this ‘larger than life’ multi-cultural Australian city!

What You Can Expect From 3 Days In Melbourne

I’ve set you up with a balanced 3-day trip giving you everything this vibrant city has to offer. 

Melbourne is the largest city located in the state of Victoria, on the southeast coast of Australia. You can expect a cultured and busy atmosphere, bound to please the endless variety of travelers. Which are you?

Expect the below and more when visiting ‘Melbs’ – that’s right, we ‘Aussies’ have a great way of shortening words! I will expand on the below a little further before starting the itinerary. So relax, grab a beer, and start planning!

  • Melbourne is known for its thriving arts and culture scene, so you can explore the numerous galleries, museums, and theatres that showcase both local and international talent.
  • Satisfy your inner foodie with the wide range of restaurants, markets, and street food options. Especially Asian-influenced, you will surely be allured by crispy Cantonese ducks hanging in windows!
  • Home to beautiful parks and gardens, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens, where you can relax and enjoy the city’s natural beauty.
  • You’re never too far from the sea! Melbs is a coastal town and has many quaint beaches and docks. Not to mention the beautiful peninsula with reflecting blue and green water.
  • Super clubs like Revolver for sweaty dancing through the night or a quiet cocktail in a rooftop bar overlooking the highrises. 
  • Shopping! How could I leave this until last? Melbourne is famous for its vibrant shopping districts like Bourke Street Mall and Chapel Street. 
  • For additional budget ideas, holiday tips, and fun insights check out this helpful comparison from the travelling house sitters.

Cuisine In Melbourne 

Like most cities with diverse cultures, Melbourne has a wide variety of mouth-watering food! From world-class Michelin restaurants like Attica to hidden street food gems in Chinatown. 

You have 3 days to decide what you fancy… That might be the hardest part of visiting this melting pot of food heaven!

Nightlife In Melbourne 

Don’t let the schooners fool you, the pub and club culture in Australia is big and we love to party. From afro-Caribbean beats in a secluded garden bar to fancy cocktails overlooking the horizon. It has it all!

Try the Laundry if you love hip-hop or spend the whole night dancing away in revolver to caged DJs spinning tech-house. There is something for everyone!

Weather In Melbourne 

If Melbourne had a downside… You could say it’s the weather! Expect mornings below 0 and mild throughout the day in the winter and spring months.

Summer will reach mid-30s but nowhere near as consistent as Queensland and the Northern Territory. 

Check the weather forecast and pack something waterproof, and warm and your budgie smugglers!

Art & Culture In Melbourne 

Melbourne is the self-proclaimed culture hub of Australia and there is the reason for this. Did you know that 1 quarter of the 5 million population was born overseas? This diversity makes it one of the most multi-cultured cities in the world, not just Australia!

With this in mind, it’s not surprising to understand why there is a thriving arts and culture scene. Explore and marvel at street art or find galleries, museums, and theatres showcasing national and international talent. 

3 Days in Melbourne visit Queen Victoria Building

Day 1 – Exploring Melbourne’s Cultural Inner City 

  • Head to the Queen Victoria Market, on the journey you will see St Paul’s Cathedral and the Parliament buildings.
  • Arrive at the market and gaze at the endless food stalls, each with a tasty story of heritage behind them. 
  • Head to Federation Square on the tram to the Koorie Heritage Trust. This is Aboriginal-owned and gives you an insight into the oldest cultures in the world. There is also the NGV Potter Centre, which hosts traditional and new works and artifacts.  
  • Follow the Yarra River down from the Southbank Promenade through the CBD. Be sure to stop into one of the pubs that take your fancy for a chicken schnitzel.
  • Lots of festivals and sporting events happen along the river, including the Moomba festival and rowing regattas.
  • Walk along the busy cobbled streets towards Hosier Lane. This is at the heart of the street art district. Find Blender Studios Warehouse, a studio space for artists. You can also do a free street art tour. These are great as you don’t have to schedule a time, just begin when you’re ready. 
  • Time for dinner! Go and explore Chinatown for an authentic meal or sample the endless street food vendors as the sun sets!
  • To finish the day, go and see the city at 984 feet at Eureka Skydeck 88.

Day 2 – Galleries, Museums & Dancing The Night Away

  • Start at Federation Square, which will be your home for the morning! Hosting local pop-up art galleries, museums, shops and bars. it has everything you need! There even might be some local live music to give you extra energy after some good coffee!
  • Melbourne has over 100 art galleries and museums. I recommend you spend the arvo (afternoon) researching which takes your fancy and then have a look! They aren’t all located in CBD, so make sure you can easily get to where you want to go and have a bit of fun navigating!
  • What kind of music do you get down to? Whatever it is, Collingwood has your back!
  •  Visit The Night Cat for a red-electric funk infusion or one of the 3 rooms in New Guernica… Just try not to lose your keys…

Day 3 – Sand & Penguins 

  • Begin the day at St.Kilda and walk off your hangover along the beach all the way to Brighton and back, this should take around 3 hours. Stop off at a local bakery and be sure to get an ice cream on the pier, weather depends!
  • Spend the arvo in Luna Park and relax in St.Kilda Botanical Gardens! You might want a nap or a little spa treatment at the famous Sea Baths Complex.
  • Finish off your last day of your 3 days in Melbourne watching the cute little penguins from 7 p.m. at St.Kilda Pier and Breakwater. Be sure to follow the rules to keep the wildlife safe.

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